Interview with Blaspherion (guitar & vocals) - Unlight, October 2010

After a few self releases the band signed with Massacre records and last September they released their fourth for Massacre, called 'Sulphurblooded'. Time for me to ask something more about this new release. Below the result.

Please tell our readers that are not quite familiar with Unlight who you are and what releases they have missed so far.

We are Unlight, a thrashing Black Metal Band, coming from Freiburg situated in the Black Forest Region in Germany. We started in 1997 and had several releases since then. The first ones were selfreleases but we soon signed to our first record label and nowadays we are a member of the Massacre Records family.

You hail from Germany and I have the idea that you are one of the more popular black metal bands in your country. Any idea why there are not that many black metal bands from Germany?

There are a lot of BM bands in Germany. But in Germany the "scene" obeys the Norwegian guys. That's very sad, because there are so many very good bands in German underground but they'll never have the chance to rise because there's not enough interest given for German BM-musicians. So one conclusion is, that most of the bands try to copy their Norwegian idols. So the German BM loses its identity more and more.

The new album 'Sulphurblooded'has again more thrash riffs, did it just end up like this, or do you enter the studio with the idea to make a more thrashy sounding album?

No, the songs are written before we enter the studio so there is less spontaneity then. But the certain riffs are created from the heart while jamming and rehearsing. I guess it's a subconscious process.

Who is responsible for the song writing and the lyrics?

The lyrics are my business but the song writing involves everyone in Unlight.

What is in your opinion the biggest musical difference between 'Death Consecrates with Blood' and this new one?

We have higher variety and more melodies and leads on it than ever before. Also we have a more aggressive and powerful sound than on 'Death Consecrates With Blood'.

Can you explain the title 'Sulphurblooded', what does that mean?

Our blood is contaminated with masses of sulphur! The association to Hell because of its sulphurous stench is noch the only connection one can make. Also there's the connection to Alchemy or to the utilisation of Sulphur as a weapon which kills with flames. Explosive bursts combined with the mysticism of Alchemy and the symbolic significance of Hell are describing our music very well I think.

Are you a Satanic band, or is it just image?

Each band member is living after a satanic philosophy! Not just image!

Why did bass player Tartaros leave the band and do you intend to go on without a bass player in your line-up?

He left the band because the key aspects of his life did change. He just has not the time to play any longer in a band which takes a lot input. We decided to go on without a bass player because it's not easy to find someone fitting perfectly. Not only as a musician but also in private matters. So we are doing our shows with session bass player Nightbutcher.

Next thing is touring perhaps, any gigs we can look forward to already?

There's a small tour planned for December. But unfortunately there are only shows in Germany.

I guess the whole band cannot pay the bills by playing in Unlight, what are your daily jobs and is it a problem to go on tour?

Yes, you're right but we don't talk about our private life. We all got our jobs to survive. But if there would be an important tour to play everyone in Unlight would resign from the jobs we got to make the tour possible.

Please name the five albums that made you decide to become a metal musician.

Sodom - Agent Orange
Bathory - everything
Slayer - Show no Mercy
Protector - A Shedding of Skin

Anything else you want to tell our readers?

If you are interested now in Unlight, please visit our webpages. A bunch of songs and merchandise is waiting for you there, hahaha...

Thanks for answering the questions and perhaps our paths will cross some time.

I have to thank you! Yes, would be nice to meet the people behind the questions.

Interviewed by Reinier de Vries 

Unlight - Sulphurblooded

Album available on Massacre Records.