Interview with Devon Graves - The Shadow Theory, December 2010


The Shadow Theory, even with a few long serving members of the metal scene involved, still a a new band to me and quite possible to most our readers as well - could you please introduce yourself and tell a bit about your background?

DG - We are definitely new to everyone as a unit. I formed this band as sort of a "dream band" comprised of my very favourite players who I have met along my journey with my band Deadsoul Tribe. I plucked each member from various bands who either supported Deadsoul or who Deadsoul supported in touring. My objective was to form what in my mind would be "The ultimate Metal band" and my choice was both on musical skill and stage performance.

Who came up with the idea of The Shadow Theory, and what were your initially thoughts when you were presented (or came up) with the idea?

DG - Do you mean the name? That was my idea and it "just came" while I was driving to the hardware store to buy a case for my video camera. I had been searching some time for a suitable name. It has no meaning or definition as far as I know. It just fits somehow. All the other guys liked it so we went for it. Kind of like every band name I ever took. It really is meant to somehow describe the music and at the same time, create a curiosity.

What kind of hopes and expectations do you have for "Behind the Black Veil"?

DG - We just want to blow minds. We want to make something very special and hopefully something unique. Those are our hopes. We have no expectations.

If you were to single out one song from the album that is a favorite which one would it be and why?

DG - I am very proud of the musical achievement of "A Symphony of Shadows" I adore it for its spiraling complexity. At the same time I love "Selebrate" for its simplicity. The melody for me is very satisfying and somehow defies categorization.

How does the final result compare to the idea you had going into the studio?

DG - Surprisingly uncanny. I am very pleased with how it came out. Just like I imagined it, and in some ways, better than I could have imagined.

The sound has some references to Psychotic Waltz, even more than it was the case with Deadsoul Tribe, intentionally or just something that happened?

DG - Demi and Arne are big Psychotic fans, so there is bound to be some influence. Demi also asked me to sing a bit more like I did in the old days, which I was happy to accommodate.

What is The Shadow Theory?

DG - There is no literal definition that I am aware of.

What do the words Progressive Metal mean to you?

DG - Short guitar straps and long guitar solos!

Name five albums that have made a big impact on today's scene and you personally...

DG - I can't. I am not really involved with a particular scene. The albums that made an impact on me don't have much to do with the scene I find myself part of. We combine a mix of influences from Fusion to Black Metal and everything in between. That is where the progressive element comes from. The diversity between many different influences coalesce. It doesn't come from immersing ourselves in the progressive genre. The only Progressive music I listen to would be Frank Zappa, King Crimson or Jethro Tull.

Psychotic Waltz is back together, and about to tour, something many progressive metal fans have been waiting for, for years. So what can we expect?

DG - I think the people waiting for that band know what to expect from us. The truth is, even I don't know what to expect. We will all find out together I guess.

I could imagine that the getting back together will have some impact on any The Shadow Theory touring plans... will you be taking the band out on the road and if so when?

DG - We will take things as they come. True, a lot of attention is going toward Psychotic over the reunion news. But Psychotic will not be able to accept every concert offer that comes simply because of logistics. There should therefore be an open window for The Shadow Theory to feel the spotlight. As of now there is no solid touring plan, but we really hope to tour and perform.

Getting ready to tour with Psychotic Waltz, promoting The Shadow Theory where does that leave Deadsoul Tribe? Has the band been put on ice, taking a break or...?

DG - Deadsoul Tribe will be set aside for a while. I will be happy to play with them should the demand arise. We had a lot of fun together.

Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers?

DG - I would just like to ask all fans of all music and film to support these fine arts. Downloading is cool to a point, but its really getting out of hand and the entertainment industry is really suffering. Especially the independent scene where we barely get paid as it is, Record companies are going bankrupt and record deals are getting harder and harder to get. Every CD or DVD sold makes a difference and it speaks out about what you want. So if you love something, support it. Otherwise the only music you will get will not be worth paying for. We are on a sinking ship and we are all in this together. To all the true fans who do support their music, on behalf of all of us struggling to keep the dream alive, we thank you!!

End of rant.

Interviewed by Kenn Jensen

The Shadow Theory - Behind the Black Veil

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