Interview with Fabio "Thunder", Thunderstorm - May 2010

Hi Fabio, First of all congratulations on another fine album.

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder”: First of all thanks for compliments, Nero Enigma perfectly portraits the band 2010 style. We are happy with the work we've done both on a composition and production point of view.  It definitely is our most "metal" album and therefore I hope it is going to be appreciated by those who normally for  not listen to our genre

How has the reaction been so far for Nero Enigma?

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder” : The first feedback we got from European countries were exciting, definitely beyond expectations; the previous releases as well received very good responses but this time we really hit the spot. I reckon that the variety of atmospheres in the album made it much more enjoyable for both public and critics. All kinds of feedback, both from public and critics matter to us, indeed I believe they are fundamental in order to understand whether you did it right or not.

You normally have a cover song on each album. Any reason why you don't have one on Nero Enigma?

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder” yes, that's true, no cover song in this album! The reason is simple: “Nero Enigma”  is a concept-album and a song of another artist sound bad in this contest.

How do you see the Doom metal scene in 2010?

ThunderStorm –  Fabio “Thunder”:The current doom scene looks lively, there's quite a good number of bands around the earth and with live gigs as well there's not much to be moaning about... but still much more can be done. it all is in the hands of the public, more people listening to this genre shall mean more concerts and new bands coming out.

Is it harder been a doom band especially from Italy?

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder: Italy is not a perfect country for doom metal; in here the whole rock scene struggles as, you may already know, our homeland is mostly known for an easier “light” music, possibly too “light”! Some doom bands actually do live in the underground scene but the true problem in Italy is the location. Indeed there is just a small number of clubs where they can play and even there, cover bands are preferred to those playing their own stuff!

How does Thunderstorm come up with so much quality songs? Because I must admit you don't have one weak album to date.

ThunderStorm –  Fabio “Thunder” : We normally discard a lot of material as we only keep what we do believe valuable. This is Why each album virtually cannot be inferior to the others. It is pointless to compose 100 songs when in the end only 10 stay in mind.

I must say I have loved all of your album covers & Nero Enigma is no different. Any meaning behind Thunderstorms covers?

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder”: We do care our album covers pretty much, we do think about what suits the situation best for months and in the end all efforts get rewarded. At the end of the day the cover makes the visual impact and it has to catch and please the eye!

Does Thunderstorm have any plans to tour this summer?

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder”: Now we only planned a few live here in Italy presenting "Nero Enigma" and starting from the next season, meaning from September on, we will arrange something abroad as well.  This, at least, according to our plans but you never know should any international festival come our way.

Well, thank you for your time & continue to bring out quality albums. Any last words you would like to say to your fans?

ThunderStorm - Fabio “Thunder”: Take a listen to “Nero Enigma” and you won’t regret it… or even better, take a look at our myspace ( and listen to some samples, even if you’re not a doom fan you won’t be disappointed!

Doom or be doomed! :)


Interviewed by Tye Brown

Thunderstorm - Nero Enigma

Album available on Metal Blade Records.