Interview with The Order of Apollyon guitarist BST (a.k.a. Sébastian Tuvi) , April 2010 

ABORTED guitarist BST (a.k.a. Sébastien Tuvi) and drummer Daniel Wilding have formed a new black/death metal project called THE ORDER OF APOLLYON. The recording of the band's first album began in Chichester, U.K., where the drums were completed. Guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded at the BST studio. We found BST so kind to answer some questions about this new band and the religious image that sticks behind it.

Could you please introduce the band to our readers?

BST : Hi. The Order Of Apollyon is a Uk based death black metal band with a strong spiritual concept. We are the musical division of a religious movement sharing the same name. The band is a tool of propaganda, to spread the Word of God.

You all played in different rather well known bands in the scene, how did you all find each other to join The order of Apollyon?

BST : Daniel and myself were already playing together in Aborted, and wanted to create something different, when we started working together on the music of the Order, we contacted James Mc Ilroy (guitars) to work with us ( we had met him at Summer Breeze) and he introduced us to Peter Benjamin (bass).

How is the writing process for a The Order of Apollyon song?

BST : For this album I pretty much wrote everything, but we intend to make this work as a group effort, for the next record. In general we all work separately, and send each other demos and tabs via internet. We don't actually rehearse or even get together that much.

How did you get the deal with Listenable Records?

BST : I had been in touch with them for a while and as soon as we started working on songs for this project, they have been showing interest. Everything worked out pretty naturally with them!

The bandname: The order of Apollyon has something to do with the book Revelation I guess?

BST : There is a reference to the Apocalypse, Apollyon being the angel of the bottomless pit, a dark figure bringing purification to the human souls through destruction.

There also seems to be a lyrical kind of concept, what does the band want to achieve with the lyrics?

BST : We wish to speak to the youth, to spread the Word of God as it was given to us.

Could you also explain the title 'The Flesh' in that concept?

BST : It is about the passage from spirit to flesh, the descent into this inferior state that is matter. And the other way around, absolute devotion, denying the matter, and thus becoming a spiritual being, closer to the Lord.

Why black-metal music, not the perfect match with the lyrics, you expect a more satanic image?

BST :  I do not believe in an absolute form of Good or Evil, and see Satan as a role, a function, more than an actual character to be worshiped. The role of Satan is to reveal the true servants of the Lord. It is a part of it all, something necessary, and without which no system of belief could exist.

There are over 200 new releases every month, what will make you stick out, not to be lost in the overwhelming releases?

BST : I have no idea and honestly do not care. What matters is to be able to reach a few people with our message. I am satisfied with what we managed to create and to express. Nothing else matters to us.

I got the idea somewhere that the production could have been a bit heavier and better, what is your opinion about that?

BST : I am satisfied with it. It sounds as I wanted it. I truly hate the trendy modern productions that all sound similar, with overly edited drums and everything else. This album sounds like people playing music, nothing else.

Will there be live shows in the next months, or are you already thinking about a second recording?

BST : We are indeed looking for shows. The first gig we have planned is Metalcamp Slovenia, on the 5th of July.

To make a living out of music is almost impossible with the decline in album sales and the illegal downloading. What is your opinion about the internet and do you all have jobs to get some food on the table?

BST : Obviously we all work. It has never been easy to make a living with extreme music anyways, so we know we don't do this for the money. We all knew this from the start. The internet is a good promotion tool, and the market as evolved around it, it's up to the labels, and the record salesman to adapt themselves.

What music do you listen to at home, and what are your favourite albums at the moment?

BST : Various things, Deathspell Omega, Combi Christ, Ulver, Sophia, A Pefect circle, Funeral Mist...

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

BST : True servants will be rewarded, judgement is upon us.


Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

The Order of Apollyon - The Flesh

Album out April 19th 2010 on Listenable Records