Interview with Stefan Kaufmann, U.D.O. (January 2010)




- Hi first of all congratulations with your new album ‘Dominator’! I’m having the pleasure of reviewing it and I’m very pleased with the result. But how do you feel about it?


Stefan Kaufmann: The reaction of the fans and the media is overwhelming up to now. Everybody seems to love the album and also the critics are great. So far we are very satisfied with the result. We were working on the album for more than eight months and in the end all the work seems to pay of. To me “Dominator” is the best album we did so far. It has a great variety of songs, great performance, some unusual arrangements and a powerful sound. Yes – we are very satisfied with the album!


- ‘Dominator’ is sound and style-wise very close to the classic Accept sound in my humble opinion. Do you agree with my opinion?


SK: Well, if you see it like that, I’m very honoured. But when we start recording a new album, we don’t plan it to sound like this or that. We simply work the way we feel in that period of time. But we do have our roots, of course. In our opinion, we never really changed our style, we simply kept updated.


- Any songs scratched during the writing/recording process?


SK: If you mean by “scratched” that we deleted any songs during the recording of the album I can say “No”, we always keep every song we record even if it’s not on the album.


- Who and what inspires you when you write a song? Walk us through the creation of a song?


SK: We always start with the title or hookline and the basic lyrics first. This is inspired by what we experienced, what’s on the news or what is moving us at that time. Then, when we know what the song will be about, we start writing the music.


- What are the plans for the band right now? Next album, tour, etc.?


SK: We will finish the second leg of our European tour at the beginning of February 2010. We will then have our first brainstorming for the next album. In spring we will play in the East and during the summer we will play festivals and record the next album. It seems like we have enough to do this year … ;-)


- My favourite U.D.O. albums could very well be; ‘Mean Machine’, ‘Man and Machine’, ‘Thunderball’ and your brand new one; ‘Dominator’. Are there any albums that are special to you?


SK: The newest album is always the best … if not, we made a mistake. Besides that, I still love “Faceless World” a lot. It was the first album I produced and I still think it’s great. It’s maybe not pure metal, but it has a great variety of songs and there’s always a lot to discover.


- Which U.D.O. song do you like most and which one least and why?


SK: This is impossible to answer. We have so many songs and from time to time I listen to old albums. And then I discover so many great songs, that it’s hard for me to say, which the best are and which are the worst.


- If I were to peak into your CD player right now, what might I find playing?


SK: Believe it or not – I don’t have a CD player at home. Most of the time I listen to the radio. This keeps me updated.


- What kind of metal/music don't you like at all?


SK: Music, that’s not well made, badly played or cheaply produced.


- Well... that’s it. I thank you very much for participating in this interview and sharing this information and your thoughts with us - these last lines are entirely for you. Any final words you would like to round off with - a tip, a recommendation or a thought for the future?


SK: In the name of the whole band I would like to thank our fans worldwide for their support all over the years! Without them we wouldn’t be there where we are today. We hope that they like our new album and that we will see a lot of them on tour or on the festivals. For any up to date news check our homepage .



Interviewed by Peter Laursen

U.D.O - Dominator

Album available on AFM Records.