Interview with Eduard Hovinga (lead vocals and guitar) - Mother Of Sin, December 2010 

One of Hollands best kept secrets is called Mother Of Sin. A band that deserves it to get out of the background. Musically this should be now problem at all. They are high skilled and the songs are very strong. With their second self released album they deserve it to have an interview on our site. Take the time to read this interview and get in touch with them to get your copy, you won't regret it.

Could you please introduce the band to our readers?

Eduard Hovinga: The current live line up is: Eduard Hovinga-Lead vocals and guitar, Gerry de Graaf-Drums and backing vocals, Peter Groen-Bass, keys and backing vocals. Also playing at a gig is ' the box' This is an eight track HD recorder which plays back the key-parts we can't perform live our self because we are all playing our main instrument.

Your first album is called 'Apathy', did that album open some doors for you and how was it received by the media?

Eduard: Apathy was received brilliantly by the media, which was a surprise for it's not really an easy going record. It contains a lot of  out of control guitar playing. It was released by Adrenaline/Steelheart records. But the promotions and distribution was minimal. So it didn't take us places. We did do some great gigs though with SymphonyX and Joe Stump e.g.

I am ashamed to say that I don't have your debut, but can you tell me (and our readers of course) what the biggest difference is between your debut and your new album 'Absolution'.

Eduard: Apathy is an angry record. It's very aggressive and complex. I think it's more of a musicians record. As for Absolution is more melodic. It has more keyboard in the basics but at the same time is a faster record. The over the top guitar-stuff is still there but it serves a goal. I think that the song are stronger. All in all it's genuine MoS record with our distinctive signature. But we don't want to make any album twice!

Between the two records, the band fell apart, were there musical or personal problems?

Eduard: This was due to musical visions between the members. We decided to go our own ways. Gerry and me are really seeing eye to eye musically, so we went on to create Absolution together. Mother of Sin had become a two member band.

Today there are only 3 core members, will that not be a problem bringing the stuff live on stage?

Eduard: No, not really. We pull it off with ease. Some songs from the Apathy record are too dependant on twin guitars, so we don't play then live. But two third of Apathy we do play live! This includes the title track and bits of the album. For Absolution it is easier. As I told you, there are more keys in the core of the tracks. Most of them we play back from the HD recorder live on stage. Keep in mind that I have to play guitar and do the lead vocals, Peter plays bass, bass pedals, backing vocals and keyboards and Gerry plays drums and backing vocals. So it's just filler parts. We want to come as close as possible to the record live.

You have some connections with Denmark haven't you?

Eduard: Yes, I recorded 3 records as singer with Prime Time. A band based in Denmark. A great time with some talented guys!

Who is responsible for the song-writing and the lyrics?

Eduard: All the songs and lyrics are written by me. All songs are arranged by me and Gerry.

Are all the song texts separate stories or is there a kind of theme?

Eduard: This album is born from a difficult personal time for me. So that is the link between the songs. But it's not an concept album as such.

Is it a coincidence that like your debut the title of the record starts again with an A?

Eduard: Yes it is. Absolution is the most dramatic song on the album. It really displays my state of mind at the time of composing. So it was the most obvious title for the record..

Quite some influences can be found back in you music, can you tell me who or what your personal influences are?

Eduard: I personally have a very broad array of musical taste. I love the guitar hero stuff from Cacophony, MacAlpine, Satriani e.g... but I also love great songs from bands like Porcupine Tree, Queensryche and Yes. I like The old stuff from the seventies, the basics from the eighties and all the cross over's. I like jazz, I love gypsy music but most of all I love great melodies and harmonies!

A lot of power metal bands sound a bit the same, but with Mother of Sin I don't get the idea of listening to a copy of one of the 'bigger' acts. I think the vocals are the cause for that. Do you agree with that opinion?

Eduard: Yes I agree. We have a style of our own. We don't even want to sound like another band. How can you if you create music from the heart. You have to tell your own story to make an album that matters. I'm not in it for the money, cheap successes or easy pussy. I'm in it because I have to. Music is my outlet, my medium. I love it too much to fuck it over.

I come from Friesland myself and I know there is not a big market for native power metal acts. Beside MoS there is hardly to find one, have you ever thought about it that power metal is so small in Holland and for example so 'big' in Germany and the Scandinavian countries?

Eduard: I think it's because it needs skills to play music like it. It's easier to detune your guitar and to make a whole lot of noise and aggression. Also the market is small. If you just want to be on stage and entertain a bunch of people, you don't really have to be skilled. So why bother?

You released this record yourself, you had a ready product and not a bad one, wasn't there any company interested?

Eduard: There was some interest from some labels but they had nothing to offer. We learned a lesson from the Apathy story and decided to do it our self. It's cool to get all the reaction straight back to the band. It's an eye opener as well. We don't have to live from our music so we do as we please!

I only know producer Dick Kemper for his production work with the Dutch rock band Normaal, what did you decide to work with him?

Eduard: Dick produced our first album as well and did a great job in a short time. The man is easy to work with and understands our music. He was the bass player of VandenBerg so he has hard rocking roots. Great guy

The record is out for about 2 months now, how are the reactions and are things going the way you hoped for?

Eduard: It's going really great. We are selling album all over the world. I'm working on a way to sell our music via 300 web stores as we speak. The reaction are really great. We already have played with Mystic Prophecy, Vicious Rumours, Jaguar and Picture recently and we are trying really hard to get our message across.

I imagine you all have your daily jobs, are there touring plans, or do you only play single gigs?

Eduard: We only have played single gigs until now. We played some festivals in Germany, Belgium and Holland and we opened for Evergrey in Holland e.g.

To get MoS more in the picture, you perhaps need to support a bigger band like Kamelot or Edguy, any chance to something like that or do you need a lot of money to make such a thing happen?

Eduard: We would love to do support for any bigger band. And we have already but it's hard to earn your place. It is a money game as well...

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Eduard: Check out our album and see if you like it. One thing is for certain: there will be a third album and it won't be anything like the first or the second. We will always try to surprise our self and the listener. It's a journey through life and music. There is no way to keep them separated and be genuine. So give it a shot! Thanks a lot!

Danke wol, Reinier

Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

Mother Of Sin - Absolution