Interview with 
Dick Siebert (Bass) and Marcello Pompeu (Vocals) - June 2010 

If you thought that after Sepultura there isn't anything interested coming from Brazil, you are wrong. No I don't mean their soccer team, but the band Korzus. They are there as long as Sepultura, but as from today they will try to conquer the rest of the world. With their new album 'Discipline of Hate' is nothing wrong, so there is nothing that can stop them.

Could you please introduce the band to our readers?

Dick Siebert -
Marcello Pompeu - vocals
Dick Siebert - bass
Heros Trench - guitars
Antonio Aranjo - guitars
Rodrigo Oliveira - drums

The band started in 1983, why did Sepultura succeed in becoming Brazil's biggest metal band and Korzus didn't, any explanation for that?

DS - In the beginning we sang in Portuguese until 1987. We also hung out here in Brazil and didn't have a chance to travel aboard since it was expensive and we didn't have many contacts. In 1992 we played in Europe, sent our material to various labels and in 1996 we did a tour in the USA. I think we knocked on the wrong doors at the wrong time. But for those who believe in what they do it is never too late.

If I am correct 'Discipline of Hate' is your 5th full-length, do you expect things will change for Korzus now and become more known outside your own country?

DS - Without doubt. Now that we are working with AFM records with world-wide distribution, the chance of standing out in the international market is much bigger because the CD will be on the shelves and our name in specialized magazines. We know that many people have heard of us but don't have access to our work because we're on the south side of heaven.

Who is responsible for the biggest part of the song writing?

DS - All members take part of all compositions, even if you show up with a finished song. Someone always comes up with an opinion to add something. Antonio coming into the band helped give our work continuity for he was born to be part of Korzus. The vocal lines are up to Pompeu. Actually it is interesting because all members end up adding a personal touch to each composition.

You can't ignore that Slayer is one of the band's main influences, I even called the song 'Slavery' the best Slayer track not written by Slayer and especially the singing style of Marcello sees to that, how do you look at this yourself?

DS - It's a great honor. Without doubt Slayer is our biggest reference since the 1980's.

How did AFM suddenly get interested in the band?

DS - We introduced our work through our manager Gerard Werron who initiated the negotiations of the CD. I believe that the quality of our work generated a big interest.

The album has a very tight and heavy sound, who is responsible for the mix and production?

DS - My friends, partners and producers Heros Trench & Marcello Pompeu.

Can we expect the band coming over to Europe sometime this year?

DS - I hope so. Or as soon as possible.

The title 'Discipline of Hate', is there a certain message behind it?

Antonio Arayjo - The world has been disciplined by hate throughout the years and we haven't noticed... I remember the old days, when seeing the headline about a murder in the local news was something rather shocking... Nowadays, hate has become trivial... I feel that this is really sad, and maybe humanity took a path that has no coming back... I believe the title says a lot about this sad reality... It's a cry of anger and somehow hope... That humanity can fix some of the mistakes made in the past.

There seems to be a lot of interest in thrash music again, the older bands such as Exodus benefit from that, but also a lot of new acts as for example Demonica are rather popular and have a great album out. Any idea how this is possible?

DS - It is all part of a cycle. After a certain time old bands all end up resurrecting. In the 1990s there was a revival of the 70s and nowadays there is a 1980s revival. I think these bands never stopped. The media just wasn't interested in the style.

Is there a big thrash scene in Brazil at the moment?

DS - That is relative. It is a reflection of what happens abroad, but at the moment it is very strong.

What are in your opinion the 5 thrash albums that can be seen as milestones for the scene?

DS - Slayer- Reign In Blood, Exodus - Bonded by Blood, Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power, Metallica - Master of Puppets, Anthrax - Among The Living.

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

DS - It is a great pleasure to show our work to head bangers around the world and share the wrath of the Third World. My respect to all headbangers. Thank you very much.

AA - Thanks so much for this interview. We intend to show Korzus work all over the world, making our point that Brazilian Thrash Metal is more then alive. To all head bangers in Denmark and all over Europe, much love and respect. 


Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

Korzus - Discipline of Hate

Album available on AFM Records.