Interview with FROM NOWHERE, September 2010

The Spanish thrashers FROM NOWHERE are guardians of the tradition of tech-thrash. Keeping their inheritance from 1991 till now their new reincarnation is a mixture from abant-guard thrash and classic thrash approaches. This is an intelligent metal for concentrated listeners!


My compliments for your demo "Agony"! Do you aim it to be more unmelodic or this is a result of your working stage?


Armando: Thanks a lot!. We really appreciate your words ;)

There's no any premeditated intention to be more or less melodic broadly speaking. In fact I didn't even thought about it.


Felix : Hi Maria! Glad you've liked our demo , we really appreciate it. In response to your question, this demo is only an advance of our future second CD that we're , at the moment, working on so maybe these three songs are more straight or less melodic than the "Kingdom of fools" album but it's only a sample of our new stuff ,and of course there are going to be more melodic parts and also more powerful riffs.


Your unconventional approach makes me curious what are your inspirations musical and non-musical in general?


Felix : Well , Armando is the main composer of the band so he's the man to answer that!


Armando: My main source of inspiration are my own experiences and personal viewpoint about some matters.

When I know what lyrics will tell about before writing the music, I usually get some ideas easily, then I create a kind of "mental screenplay", and then I put some riffs or passages in here and there with the intention of reinforce the "scenes" that I have in my brain.


If  I don't know the subject that the lyrics will tell about, or what I want to express (if it's an instrumental song), I just compose the music considering if it sounds good to me. But this way is harder for me to get some inspiration.


Armando Garcia is the bringer of ideas and a real thrash veteran... I cannot attain to ask him: What you do not succeed to tell the audience? What will be the next full length album of From Nowhere?


Armando: Actually I haven't had the intention of communicating anything to anybody but me. And of course I've never thought about communicating a certain message or making a statement to the people, writing songs is a way out to me that I need to let off steam and to express myself about my opinion of some matters, feelings, experiences, it's like talking to myself, I'm the sole audience that I think of when I'm trying to compose.


After that it depends on the likes and preferences of the audience, you can not control if they will like your music or not.

For example, in the 90's , when I was in TRASCENDENTAL, we managed to become known by a significant number of persons here in Spain and outside of our borders too with the limitations of the media that we had in those days, it was not a lot of people because in those days thrash or thrash-death were not very popular musical genres , the grunge and power metal ruled and people who were searching music more extreme preferred the death metal , brutal death or melodic death metal, so we were like in no man's land.

But even so, after TRASCENDENTAL was split up and I  founded FROM NOWHERE, I'm still receiving e-mails from people who are still interested in getting original stuff of TRASCENDENTAL. Some people had the first album and wanted to get the second album, other people wanted both albums on CD because they had them on tape, so I guess that we managed to reach some fans with our music, I'm proud of it.


In our next album you'll find these three songs of the demo plus 4 or 5 more songs in the same vein but different amongst them, and maybe some surprises.


I could not find information on this point, so will you share something about the project EVOLUTION?


Armando: Well...EVOLUTION was not a band project or something like that. It was just a recording with no intention of spreading.

There are some adaptations (no covers) from some few hard and heavy classic songs like "Crazy train","Restless & wild","The trooper",etc... inserting a lot of changes, even new parts (some of them could be perfectly placed in a song of TRASCENDENTAL or FROM NOWHERE) but keeping the original song's essence.

It was just something I wanted to do when I left TRASCENDENTAL.


Would you tell us your opinion on the contemporary thrash scene and the music industry?  Does your band aim to reach more fans and is it possible this to happen by the classic way?


Felix M.: I think the thrash scene is pretty cool nowadays, we have the old and biggest bands as Megadeth, Annihilator, Kreator, Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Anthrax or Slayer, and there are too a lot of new bands in several countries around the world really thrashing like a maniac!

On the other hand the music industry has changed with the rise of internet that includes new ways to spread your music as myspace, downloads, radios broadcasting on-line, webzines�and also the appearance of thousands and thousands of new bands, better or worse, recording and self-editing their works instead of releasing their stuff through a record company with a record deal.

Nowadays is cheaper to release your music so I think for us ,actually, the main option is the new way of spreading our music through myspace , self-edition ( if we don't get a record deal ), self-promotion and self-everything... but not excluding the classic way to reach more fans like by word of mouth, selling our CD's at the venues of our live shows and organizing a festival with 5 fucking great bands called "Dust to dust - fest" in Valencia on October the 16th .


Armando: There are a lot of new thrash bands from anywhere. There have been a rebirth of this kind of music from some years to this time, and there are many good bands, bad bands, and clone bands.

It's  a very popular genre again, but I think it's a fad...I hope to be wrong, but I think that the "wheel" will keep rolling and a huge number of these new thrash bands will disappear when the next fad arrives...

I'm scared of the Grunge's rebirth, lol!


Music business has clearly changed. Record labels , except in some cases, don't take too many risks signing up new bands due to the the fall of the sales of the albums on CD's and new technologies have the pros and cons :


On one hand, the bands have more ways to broadcast their music than before due to internet, also is easier to record/edit your own music. A few years ago it was impossible to edit an album without a record label.

On the other hand, nowadays is more difficult to sell CD's, fewer people attend to live concerts, there are too many bands...


But this is what happens nowadays and we have to change with the times. We'll try to spread our songs as far as possible using the new and classic ways.


Why you are different from the other metal bands?


Armando: Are we?...I don't know...maybe  we don't strictly follow the "rules" of this or that musical genre.

Anyway, at this point we wont reinvent the wheel.


Felix : Uh, we are open minded concerning adding not typical thrash or death riffs or melodies to our songs to create different songs with our own style.



Which are the Spanish bands we have to hear?


Armando: I'm going to mention several bands that I find really interesting, each one in their music style, as Unreal overflows, Perseidan, Death over threat, Icepressive, Altar of sin, The murder industry...I'm sure that I'm forgetting some bands that I like...


Felix : In Spain there are a lot of great bands despite the lack of support on the radio , TV, venues with bands like:



I saw that your concerts are during the weekends. What are your activities outside the band?


Felix : Each member of the band has his job outside the band not concerning music, also each member has his own activities and interests outside the band , my favourite ones are listening to music from rock , hard rock, AOR, metal to OST or classical music ; playing the guitar when I'not playing the bass; watching movies is one of my passions too from Kubrick to Takashi Miike; studying ; partying or hanging around with friends ; sports.


When will you delight us with new recordings and new album?


We'll start the recording of the new album by the middle of  October, and we expect to release it at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2011 if all goes off well.

We hope you like it.


Your future plans?


Felix : Our schedule includes live shows in some cities across Spain as Valencia ,Zaragoza, Leon, Castellon, Palencia... in September and October with good bands such as Demonished, Death over Threat, Icepressive or Quarantine among other bands prior to the recording of the new CD and the subsequent tour after its release.


Armando: We have no plans in the long term. We prefer to walk step by step and enjoy our progress.

Our next step is to record the album and defend our music on the stage as far as possible.


Here is the spot to say anything you want to:

Glad to answer your questions Maria, it's always our pleasure, we really appreciate your support, and congratulations for the great contents of . Last but not at least we want to thank to anyone who has been interested in our band.

Stay tuned for the new songs at, they will blow your head!!! Greetings from Spain! 


Thanks for your time!

Thanks to you! See ya!



Reviewed by Maria D. S.

From Nowhere - Agony (Demo)