Interview with Navene Kopperweis of Fleshwrought (August 2010)

FLESHWROUGHT is a new two-man technical death metal band consisting of Navene Kopperweis (ANIMOSITY, ANIMALS AS LEADERS) and Jonny Davy (JOB FOR A COWBOY). 

Signed to Metal Blade Records, their debut full-length release, Dementia/Dyslexia, is an onslaught of pummeling death metal mixed with electronic, progressive and experimental styles of music. 

Kopperweis is the mastermind and creative force behind FLESHWROUGHT, as he played all the instruments, handled all the tracking, mixing and editing on the album. Davy lent his creative lyric and vocal services, which fit in very well with Kopperweis’ vision.

I had the chance to speak with Kopperweis by e-mail about his vision for the project, his eclectic musical influences and what’s next for FLESHWROUGHT.

With Fleshwrought being a two-man project, were you fed up with the concept of the band aspect?

Very much so. I work much better on my own.

What was your inspiration for the material on Dementia/Dyslexia?

So much stuff from Cannibal Corpse to Frank Zappa to Squarepusher. I like lots of music.

How excited were you that Metal Blade wanted to sign you?

It was very exciting. I couldn't believe they would put out a two-man effort such as Fleshwrought. It's awesome!

Animosity was revered and worshiped in its time. How was the disbandment and how did you take it?

We didn't decide to disband for sometime. It was a gradual separation.

It didn’t take you long to get back on your feet again with Fleshwrought, did it?

I went straight from the last Animosity tour to the studio to record the Fleshwrought album, man on mission!

How did you know that Jonny Davy would be perfect for your sound? Were you concerned with any of the backlash that he receives for being in Job For A Cowboy?

I could give a flying fuck what dorks on the internet think about Jonny. He's one of my best friends, favorite vocalists, and one of the few people that shares my vision for the band.

You played all the instruments, recorded it in your own studio and you mixed, tracked and produced it. How was it wearing all the hats? Was there a huge weight of responsibility and pressure on you?

Not at all. This is my art. It's just something I do. I would have done it even if no one were to hear it.

How did you become such a multi-instrumentalist?

I just love playing music and writing songs. Playing a range of instruments is one of the ways to achieve a certain sound I'm after.

You’re a phenomenal drummer. You know when to use blast beats and when to mix it up with some tasty fills. Who are some of your influences?

I love hard hitters like Zack Hill, Brian Chipedale and Morgan Agren. But of course the blast guys influenced me a lot, such as John Longstreth, George Kolias and Kevin Talley.

Do you use triggers and what’s your stance on them?

If I were playing drums for Fleshwrought, the kick would be triggered. On the album, all of the drums were triggered and sound replaced, so I guess you could say I'm for em!

Explain the constant theme that runs through the entire album, and did Jonny have an idea for the lyrics and album title after the music was created?

We came up with the concept about half way through the writing for the CD. It's about extreme emotion and mental process. It seemed to just work with the music.

Your use of keyboard sampling and a saxophone solo on “Inner Thoughts” just proves that you weren’t playing by the book of death metal. What made you want to explore different elements on the album?

I have lots of ideas in my head for how I think death metal should sound. That's what I love about the genre, it's always changing.

I think it’s a great debut album, but where does Fleshwrought go from here?

Im putting together the live band, Were planning shows/small tours. I'm already working on the next CD and so is Jonny. I'm not goin’ away, haha.

Any last words or comments for your fans?

Keep music free!


Interviewed by Kelley Simms

Fleshwrought - Dementia/Dyslexia

Album available on Metal Blade Records.

Website: Fleshwrought @ MySpace.