Interview with Karsten "Jagger"  - Disbelief, June 2010 

The ninth album of DISBELIEF  Heal! (20th-anniversary-album) accumulates real metal energy: thrash straightforwardness, death aggression, modern sound, and reasonable lyrics, presented with intelligent music.

Congratulations for your new album! You have prominent discography but the information about the band's history is exiguous. What is the story of your early steps? What is your vision about your roots? And what is the direction which DISBELIEF follows at the moment?

Disbelief was formed in 1990 with one aim, to make deep emotional, extreme aggressive music, our roots were based in Death Metal. After seven years of recording demo-tapes and playing many live - shows we've released our first selftitled CD which was a resument of the past and the first step for us to form our own style and sound. With our third release WORST ENEMY in 1990 we've found the wright path we wanna go. Til now we've recorded 9 albums and we're still on the way to bring our sound to perfection. Our line-up is: Kai Bergerin - drums, Witali Weber - guitar, Jochen-Joe- Trunk - bass and me Karsten "Jagger" Jager -vocals. At the moment we're searching for a second guitar player who completes the band. On our live shows is Alex Hagenauer of Soul Demise supporting us for that position.

What is the balance of DISBELIEF for these 2 decades? Did you achieve your mission? Now could you consider yourselves determined to the future?

The process or mission is still going on, we're very satisfied what we've done 'til yet!. For the future we'll starting next to do the songwriting process for our next, forthcoming album. I'm really curious about it what we are doing on it, but I think it'll be a dark and nasty trip!

Is there any special concept behind the title of your 20th-anniversary-album "Heal"?

HEAL! is our present for our truest fans after twenty years of Disbelief. It was a really pleasure to work for this new album, because we want to do that. It's sometimes a big charge adverse to our fans when we write songs and to hold on with the band, so we're very lucky with the result of HEAL and to celebrate our anniversary. The title HEAL! is a hommage to our fans and the result of many speakings with our fans which tell us that our music helps them a lot to endure strange, difficult times in their life's !

Whose idea was it to include these three cover songs of Killing Joke, Crimson Glory and King Diamond in the new release? What is the next which you should "re-read"?

In our long list of favourite bands are many classical metal bands, so it's no wonder that we've chosen those three bands to cover them for HEAL! Previously we want to show that these songs are working very well when we've transformed them into our style and sound. For the future there are so many interestant songs that we can cover, Morgoth, The Beatles or Sanctuary for example. At the moment we're very satisfied with that pimped result that we've reached on that versions of HEAL!

You are returning to a song dating from 2002 (Shine). Could we expect re-releases of your first albums?

It was a wish of myself that we've chosen this song because when we've recorded the album Shine we were not really satisfied with the sound of it. Now we've had the posibility to re �record this song to show the song in the sound that we do nowtimes. It was a pleasure to hear the new version at the first time because now the guitars and the vocals are there for me, yeah!

Was it possible the new album to be longer?

Because of the time it was not possible to record more, sorry. During the process of the recordings we wish that we've more time because of the fact that we've found more and more bands we want to cover or to write more hommage songs.

What are your main inspirations for your agressive singing?

If I started to sing the biggest influences were: Chuck Schukdiner, Mille, Martin van Drunnen, John Tardy, Marc Grewe or Don Doty. Nowdays I've created my own style, a strong bastard version of all that great shouters and myself.

I highly respect the bands which do not change their logos through the years. Who is the author of your logo?

If we've started our first logo (which we've used on our first demo - tapes) was a typical Death Metal logo. We've changed it than into the actual Disbelief � logo because we want to show that we're sounding individual and that the people don't have to look twice to read our name. The graphic designer who did it is a friend of mine, he is a singer, too. His name is Michael Rohr and he did the cover - design of our release "Spreading the Rage", a very talented designer,yeah!

The artwork of your albums is becoming more and more realistic. Is there any relation between this and the lyrics, as it occurs to me?

The lyrics are always based on realistic things, so it's a normal process that our cover's getting more realistic, too. We've worked together again with the designer Thomas Ewerhard who did the coverartwork of our previous albums like Infected, Worst Enemy, Shine and 66 Sick!

How are the things going with your new guitar player?

Like I've said we're still searching for a new guitar player. At this time we check out some interesting one's, we'll see. We hope to find the wright man very soon for completing the Disbelief line - up again.

Do you work in civil jobs outside the band or you are devoted only to your music?

Everyone of us works besides the music in several jobs, but that's no problem because we've arranged it that we don't need holiday for a day off that we need for a tour.

What are your present plans? Touring in Europe?

For the rest of the year, we'll touring in Germany and Europe, too, yeah!!! At the moment all will be planed and we hope that we've facts for that in the near future, so have a look what's going on.

Thanks a million for taking time to answer my questions!!! Anything to say, here is the spot:

Thank you for your support and The Power of Metal! All the best wishes to Denmark, especially our fans, jep! We hope that we'll return to you very soon to play live. It has been a long time, too long. Buy our new CD and support Disbelief!

Jagger and Disbelief


Interviewed by  Maria D. S.

Disbelief- Heal!

Album available: May 21st 2010 on Massacre Records.