Interview with Debt Of Nature, October 2010



I got the possibility to ask a few questions to some band members of the German band Debt of Nature. I liked their album, so I took this possibility and beneath you can find the result of that. The band released their latest album 'Crush Kill Burn' this year July and it is very worth listening. 



Not all our readers are familiar with the band yet, can you give us a short introduction?


Simon Lukassek:

Debt of Nature was founded in April 2006 by the following members:


Marcus Italiani (Guitar)

Stavro Kamari (Bass)

Simon Lukassek (Guitar)

Marc Göhring (Voice)

Dennis Hofmann (Drums)


The ambition was to create our own interpretation of brutal music-like nearly every band I think- but in our case we knew that it could grow into something special because of our different influences and musical backgrounds. Funny thing about this is that we met really clichéd through an ad in the Rock Hard Magazine ha ha.



What happened after your debut 'Dreams Kill On Command', did you get a lot of positive response and gigs after that?



Yes indeed. The feedback was constantly fantastic and we got many offers to play some great Festivals like FUCK THE COMMERCE, PROTZEN OPEN AIR, EUROBLAST etc.


Marcus Italiani:

Cool thing was that we got great responses from all over the world. It was our first step and definitely more than a glance out of the window.



This is your first record for the Dutch Deity Down Records label, how did they get interested?




We sent them a copy and 'Dreams Kill On Command' and they liked it. So we stayed in contact quite a while until we finally met in person.



Well, we invited the label boss Gerard to a gig and we rocked his socks off, man! he he.



'Crush, Kill and Burn', your new album is full of thrash, death, hardcore and grind influences. Did it just end up this way, or is it a well chosen formula?



Hmm... It's a mixture of both of them, I think. We are not writing songs with the hidden agenda to put as much different styles in a song as possible. It just happens and it works great.



It's just the music we like most. It's the stuff I would like to listen to, so why don't mix it?



Who is responsible for the song writing?



Most of the songs are written by our Hit-Writer Mr. Italiani

The rest is my fee ha ha. Kev, our new drummer,  often implements great ideas, too.



Sometimes Marc comes across with some lyrics. Then we try to build the music around the words, so you see, we have different approaches to composing. That keeps it interesting.



Do the lyrics have certain themes, what is the song "Masturbator Generator" for example about?



Our songs are dealing with social grievance, human foolishness and like in "Masturbator Generator" for example, with people who think that they have the right to tell you what's "in" or "out", what you have to do or how you have to be... In two words: Social Criticism.



Special about the band is that you divided the vocals between four band members. Why is that, and who does what?


Simon: Is it really something special? Perhaps because you can't tell if it's one of the guys or our girl, ha ha.  Well, there are many bands using more background shouters. For me it's nothing special but it gives a special flavour to the whole and diversion. While Masae and Marc are responsible for the main vocals, Marcus and Stavro are sharing the backgrounds. "Nightmare of the Fashion Whore" is the only song which is completely sung by Marcus.


Masae Dausend (vocalist): Marc and I share the main vocal parts, he does many screams and I grunt mainly. In my opinion, Marc is a fantastic screaming vocalist, while I am good at grunting. We complement each other with the most effective skill of each.



At first it didn't occur to me that you have a female member (Masae Dausend) who is responsible for the brutal aggressive vocals too. A big compliment for her I guess. But what I want to ask is, and perhaps she has to answer that question, isn't it difficult to be the only female in the band, especially when you are on tour? 



Ha Ha, I don't think so. Actually, we've never been together on tour yet but I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. Masae is not a kind of wallflower. She can totally compete with us guys.


Masae: Well, I don't see any problem being only one female member of the band, or going on tours with the guys. We�ve known us since long and we are like a big family. And the best thing is that I am not an 'optical effect', or a 'female bonus' but they treat me as a fully-fledged member. It makes everything easier for me to make music in this band.



Your label (biography) describes your music as follows: 'What would happen if Napalm Death, Children of Bodom and Dying Fetus decided to join an extreme dirty threesome?' Can you live with that or would you describe your style differently?



I must confess that this is our own description. Our label just resumed it from us, ha ha. Well, I think it's a very accurate description. Of course we are not writing songs which sound completely like the mentioned bands but in every song of us you can find some parts which you can also find in songs of Dying Fetus, Childrem of Bodom or Napalm Death. Anyway, in my opinion, a really great influence is missing in our description: SLAYER!



Not to forget Morbid Angel. The 'threesome' description means that our songs are something like the bastards who evolve after a while by the dirty deeds of the three, haha.



In Germany the heavy music is rather popular, of course the power metal bands are in favour, but there are lots of fans for the heavier stuff too. Bands like Legion of the Damned, Destruction, Kreator and Asphyx do very well. How do you see your future in terms of popularity?



I'm sure that we have the abilities and the ideas to stand out from the crowd. With a little bit stamina and much brain we can make it through the music jungle.



Important is the music's character. We are not one of those 'one-two-three-bree-bree' or hyperblast-proggy kind of bands. We elaborate our riffs with blood and sweat and try to make them at the same time interesting memorable. People should check us out, cause we're the true guys, yeah!



Are there any touring plans and if so, do you come over to other European countries too?



At the moment we are already on a small German-Tour with some chummy bands. I hope that we can announce some European dates in the early Spring of 2011 and of course some great Festivals.


What are your 5 favourite albums at the moment?



Eluveitie - Everything remains

Slechtvalk - A Forlorn Throne

Illuminandi - In Via

Wintersoul - Frozen Storm Apocalypse

Austrian Death Machine - Double Brutal



Decrepit Birth - Polarity

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

Dissection - Reinkaos

Aeon - Rise To Dominate

Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness



Anything else you want to share with our readers?



Check out our websites and buy our stuff guys and:  If you have the chance to see a gig by Debt of Nature, DON'T MISS IT! You won�t regret it.



Especially cause we might want to party with you, haha





Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

Debt Of Nature - Crush, Kill And Burn

Album available on Deity Down Records.