Interview with Bjorn Jensen (bass) - Dawn of Demise, September 2010


Dawn of Demise has made a real difference on the Danish metal scene the past couple of years. Awarded the prize as the best live band of 2009 at the Danish Metal Awards, the band's popularity amongst concert goers is unquestionable - and with good reason. The second full length from the Silkeborg residents, 'A Force Unstoppable' was released some time ago, confirming that Dawn of Demise intends to keep bombarding us with high-quality, technically adept death metal.

The Power of's Thomas wants to know what's what and why from bassist Bjorn Jensen, and the opportunity arises when Bjorn, his brother and DOD vocalist, Scott and Bjørn's girlfriend, Janne, need a ride to Kolding, Denmark, where the Headbangers Ball Tour 2010 has its final stop.

Bjorn, Dawn of Demise has most certainly lived up to everyone's expectations with 'A Force Unstoppable'. Did you feel a pressure from the press and the fans in terms of delivering an album that would top the success of 'Hate Takes Its Form'?

Bjorn: No, not really. We've always basically just been about satisfying ourselves. But still, of course we wanted to make people happy, so hopefully they like our new shit. Nice to hear that you think that it lives up to our debut.

Here, Scott amazes your travelling reporter by disclosing the fact that both he and Bjorn have played cricket, no less, and in fact very close to where I live. I wouldn't have guessed! It turns out that poker is more the thing these days for both of the brothers. On with the interview:

I noticed that you're doing more vocal parts than you did before. How come?

Bjorn: Hmmmm, don't know. Scott thought that it was a good idea, and the other guys like the variation. So why not?

What is your favourite track off the new album?

Bjorn: Ehhhhhh????? It changes every week, but my faves are Multiple Flatlines, Awaken the Aggressor and Heinous Acts of War. I like all the tracks, but those three are probably the ones I am most satisfied with.

At this point, Invocator's 'Weave the Apocalypse' is replaced by 'A Force Unstoppable' in the CD player, and a discussion breaks out. I agree with myself that I like Juggernaut and Reap the Suffering the most, Scott opts for Awaken the Aggressor and Janne prefers Malevolence Converged. Opinions vary!

On with the questions:

You have gained loads of touring experience since the release of 'Hate Takes Its Form'. Have there been hard lessons learned along the way in terms of the way the business works?

Bjorn: No! We've been lucky on that point. I mean, we've played shit shows with small audiences, but who hasn't. We had some great experiences last year that will be hard to top - Roskilde and Headbangers Ball Tour...

What was the biggest success for Dawn of Demise over the past couple of years?

Bjorn: Roskilde and HBB tour - HAHAHA! Also, we played with Suffocation in Aalborg  that was amazing! I mean, we are all diehard fans, so that was an amazing experience that we will remember till...the day we die! Nothing can top that, really.

Is there still room for day jobs for the band members beside the busy schedule of the band?

Bjorn: Yeah, no problem. It's still a hobby-band. It's not really that time-consuming.

What is the next step for Dawn of Demise? The big international stages await?

Bjorn: Our next step is Aalborg Metal Festival where we will be playing alongside bands like Pestilence, Macabre, Immolation, Napalm death and so on. That is going to kick ass! The next thing will be writing songs for a new album. I know the stages await, but we haven't been offered anything cool, or anything really realistic.

You come from Silkeborg in Denmark, a rather small place that is not exactly known for its metal scene. Do you think you have inspired young local folk to play metal music?

Bjorn: I don't know - hopefully we have. I know some new death metal bands have emerged. A new death metal band from town called Crematoria are actually really cool - people should check them out.

As it happens, your travelling reporter has brought along the promo CD from Crematoria, since it's on the to-be-reviewed list. The disc is discussed widely in the car and it's a general thumbs up from all present - perhaps because more than a few elements of the young band's music are clearly inspired by what Dawn of Demise do...

More questions for Bjorn:

You have the mandate to put together a super group consisting of the musicians of your choice. Who's in Bjørn Jensen's Super Band?

Bjorn: Drums: Dave Culross (Malevolent Creation), Guitar: Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Lead guitar: Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Vocals: David Vincent (Morbid Angel)...and the terrible bassplayer would then be myself. I could make many of these bands. Cool question by the way.

Bjorn's answers to this question lead to even more debate in the car on the road to Kolding. Can you include deceased musicians in a band like this? And why is it that Chuck Schuldiner's name shouldn't be pronounced the way he himself did it when he was still among us? Bjorn doesn't give a toss. The super band is as it is!

What does your top five of metal albums look like right now?

Invocator - Weave the Apocalypse and Dying to Live
Hail of Bullets - ...of Frost and War
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
Death - Spiritual Healing

The inclusion of Disturbed on the list results in spontaneous protest from Scott. It turns out that Janne has influenced Bjorn a wee bit. Oh, well...

Thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions. Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?


Nuff said!


Dawn of Demise - A Force Unstoppable

Album available on Deep Send Records.