Interview with Crematory,  April 2010

Celebrating their 20 years anniversary this year, the band Crematory keeps producing albums. At the beginning of this year their latest album 'Infinity' is in the stores and fans of the band have been listening to the album since. It took a while before we received the answers back from the band, but finally we can let you know something more about the band and the new album.


Before I ask some questions about the new album, I first want to ask you if you could have imagined back in the early 90's that Crematory would still be around in the music scene?


Difficult to say. We have always dreamed to reach this point. But it makes us proud that our fans still want to hear our music and want us to record new stuff. I can't remember if we would have thought it. But we wanted it.


I have your first record 'Transmigration' in my collection and before I reviewed your new one 'Infinity' I listened to it again. I still like the music, who were your biggest influences back then?


As we have always tried to create our own style we haven't really had big influences. With our idea of creating an own kind of music we founded the genre 'German-Gothic-Metal' and we are proud of it.


Enough of  the past. There are 10 songs on your new album, can you tell something about the writing process of a Crematory song?


The process isn't easy to explain. As we are composing nearly in each free minute we can't even say how long it took to compose it. What I can tell you is that we have worked in the same team we had for 'Klagebilder' and 'Pray'. 'Infinity was recorded at the Kohlekeller Studios with Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner and the rest of the team was me, Markus Jullich, Matthias Hechler and Felix Stass who writes the lyrics. Our target settings were faster, harder, louder and darker. This is what we planned and finally did. In my opinion 'Infinity' is the best album we have ever recorded.


Of course the latest record is always the best, but what makes this album differ the most from the one before 'Pray'?


INFINITY is the evolution of PRAY. We have tried out a lot of new sounds, especially keyboard-sounds. We have always developed our style and there is no big difference between PRAY and INFINITY and in the same time the is a big difference. Just listen to it and you will know what I or concept?


INFINITY is no concept album. Our singer Felix writes the lyrics and he only knows what has the deeper meaning of them. But each song stands for its own.


With the song 'Auf der Flucht' Crematory is again fixed on the German market and you are rather popular there, how is that in other countries?


We have fans all around the world. Our following has always been growing and still does. There is no big difference between the countries, except of the typical traditions. The reason for the German lyrics is that it is our mother-language.


You are back with Massacre Records and have been for a couple of years, why did you leave Nuclear Blast Records?


We have switched a few times between these two labels. One of the reasons was always that we wanted to have the perfect partner for the actual album. An other reason is of course the money-question. You always choose the partner who offers you more and gives you the maximum support.


A nice album-cover, how does it express the album title and who made it?


The cover was designed by a good friend of mine. Raimond Neck has designed a couple of our covers and as he knows me well, he knows what I like. He showed me the layout, I liked it, he changed a few things and here it is. It has no deeper sense and if it has one only Raimond knows it.


As you already said, Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner was responsible for the production, is he kind of a 6th member?


Maybe...: We have always had success when we have worked with him. And we don't want to change a winning team. He knows how our music should sound and we can explain him in a few words what we want.


If someone from Mars would ask how the style of music you play is called, what would you answer?


Very simple: German-Gothic-Metal.


A new album, means going on tour? Any plans?


We have already begun our tour but its planning isn't finished yet. If you want to know where we will be, just check our website from time to time to be up-to-date.


A new year has started, what were in your opinion the 5 best albums of 2009?


Very difficult question. As I don't have a favoured genre there are lots of good albums. It wouldn't be fair to name just 5 of them. And to name them all would take too much time.


Any wishes for 2010?


That everything will continue like it does, our album sells well and our tour will be as funny as the previous has been. We also hope to see all our fans on our tour. At this point we need to thank them for their support. A band only gets as big as their fans allow it. Thanks to the best fans of the world!


Anything else you want to share with our readers?


In 2011 we will release a greatest hits CD and DVD. It will contain a lot of unreleased video-material - especially backstage-scenes, as well as all our hits, as well as some surprises. It will be a 'must-have' for our fans and those who want to become one.



Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

Crematory - Infinity

Album out on Massacre Records