Interview with BURNING SKIES (August 2010)

The maniacs from BURNING SKIES are amongst the few English core bands which lyrics could be heard and understood. Their Split with the Germans WAR FROM A HARLOT'S MOUTH is a hidden bomb which could defeat wide territories of grindcore, hardcore, thrash and death metal. The joint track of the bands is a true joke gem a scoff rap song which successfully beats the rap of OBITUARY & BULLET BOYS!!!

 Why split? Whose decision was it?

We first discussed it when we toured together in 2007. After that tour we stayed in touch and kept talking about how cool it would be but the timing never seemed right. Last year we got our shit together though and now it's here!

To what extent your music is a life philosophy? What from your music you transfer in the real life and what from the life burst into your music?

Our music is influenced by all the frustrations in our normal lives and our band lives. For example the lyrics for Precision Crippling are Mervs reflections on when he was attacked a couple of years back and the guy who was behind it. We've all had to sacrifice a lot to keep this band going, especially regular wages and jobs which can make things hard sometimes since we all have rent and bills to pay but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

In music aspect where are the roots of your music?

Death Metal, Grind and Hardcore. When we started I was thinking I wanted to do something like a cross between Obituary and Burnt By The Sun.


What is the message behind the name of "Burning Skies"?

I was 22 and thought Burning Skies sounded cool and apocalyptic. 8 years later I'm not so sure but it's better than "I shot a flamingo in the groin, broke off one of it's legs and stuck it up my friends ass" or whatever bands call themselves nowadays. 

The weak and the strong points of Burning Skies?

Our 1st album "Murder by Means of Existence". We're pretty ashamed of it. Some people say it's their favourite though but we don't share that sentiment.

I like a lot your new release but I heard it by chance. Do you aim to reach wide audience and how do you intend to do it?

Thanks!! We hope lots of people get to check it out. We love touring so hopefully it will give us the opportunity to continue doing so.


What is your vision about the contemporary music industry?

I think it sucks quite a lot. It seems to be set up in such a way that the smaller bands get ripped off. There seems to be this whole pay to play approach to touring with bigger bands which i don't want to be a part of and i certainly don't think it's a very ethical way of working.

Your music and especially the vocals have audibility for pure metal audience. Is this a matter of concept or it is a creative process?

We just write what we want to hear. If we like it and it fits we put it in, if it doesn't we don't. There isn't any pre-conceived idea of what we want songs to sound like, we just go with the flow.

What most frequently the public do NOT understand from your messages?

 I think it's more of a case of no one understands what Merv says on stage anyway because of his thick accent. ha ha.

To give a final touch, I would like to ask you to cheer us up with a story as you did it with your rap song! Thanks for your time to answer my questions! At last you can tell the people anything you want to.

The most recent funny thing I can think of was this past weekend at With Full Force. We were having a towel fight behind the tent stage with Daniel and Paul from WFAHM and Daniel accidentally whipped Paul in the face knocking off his glasses and cap. Pauls face was priceless, total shock! I literally wet myself with laughter.

Thanks for the interview. We'll be touring again in October so come check us out. Cheers!


Interviewed by Maria D. S. 

War from a Harlot's Mouth/Burning Skies - Split

Available through Lifeforce Records