Interview with Michael Totta, WithoutEnding (May 3, 2005)

First off I want to congratulate you on your debut album, it must be a great feeling to have an album on – can you put words on your feelings about it?
Michael - Yes, it's very rewarding too see your album out there after a lot of hard work. Now we are very fortunate to have it out through ProgRock Records.

What’s the story behind WhitoutEnding? And why have you decided to change your name from WithoutEnd to WithoutEnding?
Michael - WithoutEnd began as a Progressive Metal/Rock project in 2001 by me (Michael - Guitars) & Nicholas (Vocals/drums). In 2002-03, we began writing our debut album with an idea of expressing the concept of change and consequence through progressive music and emotional/dark lyrical content. Our bass player Sam was introduced into band before we entered the studio to begin recording the album. We changed our name to WithoutEnding due to trademark issues; however this name change coincided well with our label change ...

Why do you insists, that your band name is written in one word? Is there a deeper idea behind it?
Michael - We prefer to keep it one word as it reads more like a band name and makes searches easier and more effective.

Your music is a bit more progressive than we are used to from Melbourne based bands – like Vanishing Point, EyeFear & Black Majesty – actually it reminds me a bit about another Aussie band: Vauxdvihl. But who/what inspires you, when you write music?
Michael - Thanks. We are honored, that you think we sound like Vauxdvihl ... they were a great band. Our inspirations and musical tastes are varied. We listen to Fates Warning, The Tea Party, A Perfect Circle, Muse, Pink Floyd, anything with James LaBrie in it, George Michael, Frame Shift etc.

What do you deal with in your lyrics?
Michael - The album was based on the concept of change and consequence. The opening track "Again" is based on the idea of coming face to face with temptation and living with your consequences and sets the scene for the rest of the album. "In Transit", perhaps the most commercially accessible tracks on the album deals with the life changing aspects of moving on to a new chapter of ones life and looking at life as being a silent movie. "Analyse" and "I Still Remember" both explore the breakdown in relationships in response to major life changes. "Searching For Meaning" and "Descend" are based on a person’s quest for answers and questioning people's beliefs while living/existing in artificial and predetermined surroundings. "Comfort Zone" deals with one's personal battle against their comfort zone. "Compulsion" closes the chapter opened by the opening track and tries to solve and understand ones compulsive desires. The idea behind the last track, "The Third Day" was to express that time heels all wounds/solves all problems concept in a ballad, which closes the album.

How is the scene in Melbourne – do you stick together and try to help each other out?
Michael - The scene in Melbourne is slowly picking up momentum; we try and help each other out the best we can. Our first show was with Vanishing Point and our second was with EyeFear. What more can you ask for? We are all very close, especially with "Con" and the guys in EyeFear.

When can we expect new stuff from you?
Michael - We are currently writing material for our second album, which we hope to release mid way through next year.

Have you been touring Australia? And is there any remote chance we’ll ever see you guys tour Europe?
Michael - We have played a few shows in Melbourne, which were well received. We would love to one day tour Europe ... maybe after the second album!

If you could pick the perfect touring partner(s) – who would you like to tour with?
Michael - Dream Theater/The Tea Party.

Being a trio doesn’t that represent itself with some problems when you play live?
Michael - Yes, it can! We have played a couple of gigs with a guest singer, which freed Nicholas up to play drums. We have also done some acoustic shows to promote the album as a trio, which worked well ...

Any famous last words?
Michael - Thank you to our label ProgRock Records and to everyone, who has believed in us ... also thank you to everyone, that has bought or will buy the album.

Kind Regards,
Nicholas, Michael & Sammy

WithoutEnding - WithoutEnding

Album out on ProgRock Records.

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