Interview with Andy Nipple and Mangus from Warnipples (June 26th 2007)

First of all, congratulations with your promo CD. Are you satisfied with the result?

(Andy Nipple): Thank you, sir! Yes we are, and we want everybody to fuckin’ buy our promo (it’s just 5 Euros, you cheap sons of bitches!!!) and help us become rich and famous… quite enough to record a longer one, by now?

(MANGUS): Do you mean we’re not famous yet, Andy?? Shit!


When did Warnipples come into being and what led you to form… Warnipples in the first place?

(A. N.): Well, right after I quit Desdemona, I felt the need to try new musical genres. I have always been a huge hard cock, whoops sorry, I meant a huge hard rock fan, but I had never found the right people to play with. I talked with all my friends to help me put the band together, and Mangus introduced me to Fa Deluxe, but at one condition: he wanted to be part of the thing too. So I thought “Shit, there we go again… ok, Mangus, you’re welcome! Ha ha ha!” I have known Mangus for ten years, when we formed the band in which we wanted to be “The Black Crowes meet Lynyrd Skynyrd and abuse their ass in the meantime… it was time to try it again!

Fa Deluxe revealed himself to be the totally unreliable piece of crap we all know, but with an exquisite sense of both musical and visual style, so we thought he was perfect for the band!

After him, Sgt Nipple, who had played with the Mangus in his doom project “Lymph of Wisdoom”, was contacted. The Sergeant is basically a black metal drummer who initially joined us just to “help with some things”, but when we introduced him to our sleazy way of life, he met his “dark side of the force”… and realized his life wouldn’t be the same since then!

On the bass, I called Flex Stevens, aka Sted from Highlord, who came in because he was sure that rock’n’roll would have helped him finding more pussy: he still spends his nights getting off, but he is surely a busier man, now!!


Who had the idea for the name, WARNIPPLES?

(A. N.): We spent a lot of time fighting and insulting each other while searching for the perfect name. “Warnipples” comes from a friend of me and Flex, a perverted and corrupted cop called Vandal, who told us one night of his vision of thousands of hard nipples, all together marching in ranks with helmets on top and guns in their… well, hands… anyway, we found the idea quite stimulating (…), so I decided to steal it for the band! I never officially said thanks to Vandal for this, this is the right time! Thank you, nasty bastard!

(M): Wanna try some nipples’ torture to understand better what the fuck we mean? Ha ha.


In what words would you describe your music for someone that has not heard you yet?

(A. N.): All of us listen to many different bands, and I guess you can hear many influences while listening to our songs; there’s some hard rock, some rock’n’roll, some glam, southern and punk, all mixed with a sleazy and bad-ass attitude, which doesn’t mean shit but sounds very cool!!!!

(M): Goddamn!! We are fuckin’ cool aren’t we?


You have chosen to call your self quite funny “names” such as “Sgt. Nipple”… “Andy Nipple”, “The Manguusss” (etc.) who came up with that idea?

(A. N.): I think the basic idea comes from the 80’s hard rock and glam bands, which had such cool names: we wanted to have the same appeal, but we also wanted to follow our nature, which is more ironic and irreverent. The Mangus has been “The Mangus” for years, so he didn’t have to overstress his already tired and devastated brain; I was next in line, I was “Andy” for everybody on Myspace, which is cool but quite gay, so I added “Nipple” from the name of the band… oh, man, even Axl had a “Rose” too, so why fucking with me??? The others, being totally brainless and worthless human beings, just followed…

(M): Anyway if you prefer you can call me Master while I abuse you. Ha ha ha.


Where did you record your Demo CD?

(M): We recorded those tracks with the precious help of our friend Federico, drummer of Secret Sphere. I personally think he did a very good job on that.


Who has done the artwork?

(A. N.): It’s all home made! You have to know that Fa Deluxe and Sgt. Nipple, besides being the dangerous musical terrorists we all know, are two great pc designers, so they put together their corrupted fantasies to work on the booklet for the promo. With very good results, I hate to admit!


Beside your main band Highlord and… Warnipples, you have also lend you voice to Stefano Droetto’s The Famous X project, right?

(A. N.): so it seems… unfortunately, it took about one year to work on the first three songs… because that fuck-head of Sted is the frustrated guy who wants to be in control of everything! No, just kidding, I really love those songs and how they sound, and we are working on some new ones, at the moment, so stay tuned!


What tasks presently lie ahead for you? Can we expect more dirty Hard Rock from Warnipples?

(M): guess what… of course yes, that’s our sound, the result of our sick personalities combined together and we have a lot of ideas and new shit to put together and offer to your humble ears.


Well… that’s it. Thank you so much for the interview. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and the readers of

(A. N.): We love you all, guys; love us and support us forever, because Warnipples are what you’d never dream to be in your darkest dreams!!!!

(M): Licks!


Interviewed by Peter Laursen

Warnipples - Promo 2007

Self produced

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