Interview with Emanuel Rudnicki, Voyager (January 26, 2005)

First off I want to congratulate you on your "Element V" album, originally released back in 2001 in Australia and now in the rest of the world as well through DVS Records. How was the album originally received, and did you gain kind of recognition outside of Australia?
Emanuel - The album had received some very good critiques when it was first released. We had received some very good reviews on websites, as well as good reviews on our live shows. Suprisingly, we had a large collection of orders for the USA, with some orders to other parts of the world like Korea, Europe and South America - it was a good beginning. The album being released through DVS was a great way to get the album promoted more and distributed to different parts of the world - something we could not have done on our own, and something we are eternally grateful for to Rene and DVS Records.

How did the co-operation with DVS Records come about?
Emanuel - I think it came about through either samples of the album coming into Rene's hands. I've always been a firm believer in the Internets promotion power, it allows an obscure album to be listened to where otherwise it probably wouldn't.

Has any of the material on the re-release been re-recorded or is the album as it was back in 2001?
Emanuel - The album is almost as is as it was back in 2001. The only exeption that some of the drums parts have been redone, and the overall sound of the drums sounds a lot better. A slight re-mixing you could call it...

In my review I compare you to your fellow countrymen Vauxdvihl - do you know their stuff? And to a band like Lanfear, not so much musically, but more in terms of originallity - but if you should describe your music to an outsider how would you explain it?
Emanuel - I checked an MP3 sample just now, cause I am unfamiliar with their stuff. It's hard to say only listening to one song but I think they are a bit more sombre and technical sounding than us. I'm listening to a track called "To Dimension Logic" and I think thay sound great. I've heard the Lanfear comparison before...but to describe our music I usually say it's melodic metal. I could probably say it's a mix of melodic metal with parts of melodic black/death, mixed in with athmospheric keys. We try to make Voyager sound like Voyager...

I think your music is very unique and original because you combine so many different styles, and even sings in German ... why? How is a normal Voyager created?
Emanuel - Daniel basically comes in with a song idea to the band, and if it needs working on we discuss it and come up with ideas/parts as they are needed. We try hard not to repeat other bands, nor to repeat our influences - but to keep them as influences. We're not a copy cat band, we want to be known for our own music, not to repeat riffs or melodies in similar ways and we try hard not to do that...

A lot of time has passed since you wrote the songs for "Element V", so I guess you must have a lot of news songs just ready to be recorded? In what direction is your new material? And when can we expect for hear new stuff from you?
Emanuel - Well, the new material does sound a lot mature than "Element V", there's a bit less of the cheesy stuff in there, but it's definately not going to be all depressing or somber. We do have a number of songs that are ready to be recorded, and a number of great ideas that just need some direction, and hopefully we should be recording sometime mid-2005.

If you were to make an all-time album Top 5 would that one reflect the variety of your music?
Emanuel - I'm not sure if I get this answer right, but here goes:
1. Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt II : cause it's got some great catchy songs, twin guitar harmonies and a tounge in cheek attitude (which we like to employ on the occasion).
2. Soilwork - Predators Potrait : we were very impressed with the use of harsh and clean vocals.
3. Y.J Malmsteen - Marching Out : neo-classic metal at it's very best. Major influence on everyone, everywhere... 
4. Type O Negative - October Rust : I'm not the biggest fan, but a couple of the guys in V get their punk/goth influence from here.
5. Europe - The Final Countdown : Daniel and myself love the 80's AOR/Hair band stuff.
I think those bands above, mixed into one are a good reflection (sort
of) of our music.

How is the Australian music scene at the moment? I think the quality of bands we get here in Europe (Eyefear, Black Majesty, Vanishing Point and Pegazus) is very high, and I have heard good things about band like Without End and Enter Twilight, but how do you feel - and do you stick together and help each other out?
Emanuel - To tell you the truth, I have not heard too much of the Australian metal music scene - those bands are over on the other side of Australia, which is quite a long way away. But I can tell you that Perth has some amazing bands: Psychonaut, Pathogen, The Furor etc... I think the Perth scene could be producing some of the best stuff in Oz - it's just a pity that bands here don't get as much recognition as they do in the East.

Here at the end a more fun question - when the rest of the world are talking about Australian beer, then they talk about Foster and XXXX, but when asking aussies, then they say WB (Victoria Bitter) - do you agree or do you have some local brewery you support?
Emanuel - Hmmm, I'm not a big fan of Foster or XXXX. When Aussies drink beer they drink VB, Carlton Cold or Tooheys Extra Dry - I think those are the "in" beers at this time (and probably have been for some time).

Any famous last words?
Emanuel - Thanks for the interview, and check out the VOAYGER web site for updates. With love from the land of Koalas, Emanuel Rudnicki VOYAGER.

Do check this very unique album out ... It's really special and worth taking the time it takes to get into! Kenn /

Voyager - Element V

Album on DVS Records.

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