Interview with Totenmond (August 7, 2005)

Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album. To new fans could your please fill us in on the history behind it all?
Totenmond - Thank you very much!!

The history behind it all… well 3 stupid teenagers with a serious drinking problem and a fuck you all attitude met and decided to play some noise they call “music”. After a while success was in sight, a record deal happened and some cd´s where published. One got kicked out… another retard was forced in; only the drinking problem stayed the same… and so here we are!

How has your new album been received by the media?
Totenmond - Surprisingly good! We all hope to sell double-platinum and get real rich!

I know artists are not happy to categorize their music, but how would you describe your music to an outsider?
Totenmond - We don’t describe ourselves and our music… especially not to outsiders!!
But seriously… semi-controlled-noise would be the most fitting description.

Where does your inspiration come from, both musically and lyrically?
Totenmond - We are living in a small swabian town at the rear end of the world… nothing really happens there and we only live our boring but simple lives as farmers… but sometimes… once in a while a certain outburst takes place … a strange urge to create chaos and confusion and so we feel forced and almost pushed to spit out all our irritation and dislike of our own selves… so a new cd is born…certainly with the urgent intend to invent the musical wheel!

What topics do you deal with in your lyrics and why?
Totenmond - We do not explain our lyrics. It would be too embarrassing.

Who has produced and mixed the album, and are you pleased with the end result?
Totenmond - The evil mastermind behind it all was Achim Köhler this time!!! So all the best to him and his unbelievable ability to create such great annoying noises!

We are completely satisfied with the whole cd, the sound, the mastering, and the recording. It couldn’t have been better!

Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?
Totenmond - The artwork is more than important. It’s the visual fitting for all the noise. They don’t have to match or relate completely but in a strange way the music seems to be even more depressing while looking at the artwork. The cover picture is from an artist I don’t know by name and the rest is from Julia Hillesheim. A great job the lady did again.

Do you have any touring plans?
Totenmond - No, we wont be on tour anymore… we are too old and to pissed off on from ourselves… we enjoy having our weekend-trips.

How do you feel about the co-operation with your label, and are you satisfied?
Totenmond - Sure. They give us the money to record a CD… and they receive a lot of crap, we call music. It’s a strange deal but it seems to work… at least for us!

The internet is a very important source for many music fans ? how do you use the internet and how important is it for you and other bands?
Totenmond - Personally I use the internet to watch and download pictures from the wonderful world of adult-entertainment…

The internet is important for Metallica, cause they seem to loose about 5 billion dollars each day. But for us it’s simpler. If you want to know where our concerts are, the only reliable source is our homepage.

How do you see the metal scene at the moment?
Totenmond - Actually we don’t care about the metal scene… we don’t care about any so called “scenes”.

I think a scene is something for a teenager to substitute your own process of growing up and feeling different… but almost all things get more complex and complicated when you grow up… so for me its rather stupid to get stuck in a certain and single way of behaviour, style and music.  It’s a standstill! It’s boring.

To finish things off - could you pls. make an all-time Top 5 or sort of the 5 most important albums in your opinion?
Totenmond - For me its:

1.Motorhead – No Sleep till Hammersmith. It was the first “heavy” kind of music I ever listened to. It changed my life.. to the worse, I think…
2. Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss. After listening to English punk bands like Exploited and GBH, for me a  new, more aggressive and brutal way of being occurred. It’s a classic album with all the worst from Slayer!

3.Misfits – Legacy of Brutality. Smooth and Elvis-styled punk with a necromantic but tender edge. Perfect music for driving and sing a long!
4. Roxy Music – Best of. Something to feel pity for yourself when you happen to be a teenager in love … Hammered like hell and its 4 o clock in the morn. Only you, a lot of booze (best would be red wine, I guess) and the last cigarette.

5.Roling Stones – any album. For me, they show how boring, stupid and overestimated music can be!!! It’s rather astonishing how much success one can get by singing how wonderful it is to take heroin!

Good luck

Totenmond - TonbergUrtod

Album out on Massacre Records.

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