Interview with Threat Signal (May 24th 2006)

- Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your debut album “Under Reprisal”. Are you satisfied with it?
Threat Signal - Yes, it sounds huge! But there are always little things you’ll miss about the demo.  That being said it came out better than I could have imagined.

- How did you get your name, Threat Signal?
Threat Signal
- God came down from heaven and gave us the name…..we were chosen.

- In what words would you describe the music and moods of Threat Signal for someone that has not heard you yet?
Threat Signal -
For me it’s everything that I’ve always wanted to hear in a record. It kind of takes me back to why I loved metal in the first place. Plus it’s a nice break from the ill trend that’s going on in metal these days...

- What’s the song you consider most representative of your debut album and why?
Threat Signal - “
When All is Said and Done!” - because it was the last song written for this record and I think a look into the future of Threat Signal.

- Do you feel that your sound will evolve in some different direction, in the future, or you will still follow the same path?
Threat Signal -
It will always evolve; we don’t want to make the same record again next time. Plus if you stop growing as a band and musicians the music will suffer… We want to take it to even greater hights next time.

- How long do you need to practice to feel comfortable with your songs before you record them?
Threat Signal - A few weeks but we practice them through a lot…

- The music scene really changed between the 70's, 80's and 90's. What would you say has been your strongest influence?
Threat Signal -
Late 80’s, early 90’s everything from Pantera and Slayer to Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

- Any plans to go on tour? If so, when and where?
Threat Signal -
Actually we are going out in the states with Soilwork in the fall. And before that we are going to be hitting a few of the festivals overseas.

- Let's speculate - you have been granted a free slot on a tour of your own choice - who would be your ideal touring partners?
Threat Signal -
Tool, Meshuggah and Slayer hands down! Playing with Soilwork is a dream come true as well.

- Who designs your CD artwork and who has the final word on what actually goes on the album cover?
Threat Signal -
It was actually Mircea from Mnemic and he did an amazing job. And we all have a say in what we think about those issues. Thankfully we’re normally all on the same page.

- What are you doing besides Threat Signal, job wise as well as hobbies?
Threat Signal -
Jon has a cool job building basses for F-bass. I and Kyle teach a bit and Rich goes to school. But we don’t really have time for hobbies maybe X box and drinking!

- What albums or bands do you believe have had the greatest impact on the history of metal?
Threat Signal -
“…And Justice for All” and “Master of Puppets”, “Vulgar Display of Power” and “Black Sabbath”.

- Thank you very much for participating in this interview and sharing this information and your thoughts with us - these last lines are entirely for you…
Threat Signal -
Thanks for reading and Hope to see you on tour this year!!

Peter Laursen

Threat Signal - Under Reprisal

Album available on Nuclear Blast.

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