Studio report with drummer Stef Broks, Textures (December 28th 2007) 

At this right moment the Dutch band Textures is recording their third album. This takes place at the SplitSecondSound Studios in Rotterdam. The second album 'Drawing Circles' was a real killer. For many bands the third album is the key album (Metallica, Slayer etc.) Can they live up to expectations?

- After the release of your second album 'Drawing Circles', the band has been very busy doing interviews, touring, etc etc. Can the band already make both ends meet, or do you have still regular jobs too?

Stef: No way we can make it without regular jobs. Everyone in the band works their ashes off to manage, and some are still studying. That's the bitch of being in a band, it's cool to do, but it will always be difficult to manage. But no complaints whatsoever, it's cool to be in a band with your friends.   

- Most of the bands are a 4- or 5-piece band, you are with six. Is that a well considered choice?

Stef: Yes, because we knew exactly what kind of instruments we needed in our band. The layer we wanted in our sound can only be reached with 2 guitars, a bass, a singer, drums and synths. 

- Dennis Aarts the bass player has left the band, why? And can you tell something about the new guy: Remko Tielemans?

Stef: Dennis has left the band for personal reasons. Remko was the first and the best solution to follow him up. We knew Remko of his former bands 37 Stabwoundz and the Isle of Man. A nice guy and a good bass player, with an excellent and outstanding stage performance. He is also very good in making videos and animations, which is of course very handy.

- Every time again I'm amazed by the long screams of your singer Eric Kalsbeek. How does he do this and how can he keep his voice in good shape.

Stef: He uses a special technique. Your vocal chords are pushed in a position so that you get the scream. But actually you don't put pressure on your vocal chords; it comes out of your stomach. It doesn't hurt your voice. His former singing instructors were always afraid about that, but he has shown that it is possible.  Anyway, we are still stunned about his capacities.  He is still getting better, technically and his self-control. But it is his creativity in singing-lines that amazes us the most. We must not forget that 'Drawing Circles' was his first record, on the new record he is really going all the way.

- At the moment you are recording in the SplitSecondSoundStudios, again with Jochem Jacobs (guitars/backing vocals) as a producer. Listening to your second album I can imagine that you have chosen for the same formula. But aren't there any problems when a band member is the producer?

Stef: No, not at all. He has all the time of the world, knows exactly what sound the band needs and knows us all very well. What do you expect more of a producer?  Objectivity perhaps? I think as a band we are very well trained not to loose that. We are very, very critical. Every detail must be good. Which means that every layer, every instrument must be used with full power and must participate exactly at the right moment in the song?

- What can we expect from the new songs, are there big musical changes?
 It is going to sound a little bit different, more dedicated to the song. On earlier records, we worked more unconventional as far as the album structure goes, that will be less now. Fortunately the music came almost automatically. Every song is a slap-in-the-face. Not only qua heaviness, but also emotionally. The intensity is much higher on this record. Although there will be again a lot of variety. We go from brutal till very atmospheric. 

- How do you stay motivated, spending so much time in the studio?

Stef:  We have to, otherwise Jochem gets pissed hahaha. The two guitar-players, Bart en Jochem take care of the process in the studio. They look after the others and see to it that everyone stays fit and sharp. Check it out yourself on our studio reports on Myspace.       

- Can we expect you playing some gigs at the summer festivals?

Stef: Certainly, although it is a little bit early to say which ones. We have been booked for a few big gigs, and not only in Holland. You will be seeing us less in Holland then last year. So the people have to travel a little bit further to see us. But what is far in such a little country like Holland is. We will be touring more in foreign countries. Holland only is too small to focus on. But we still find it very cool to play here.

- is a Danish site, are you also going to play in Denmark in 2008?

Stef: I think so. We have done a kind of introduction tour through Denmark in 2007, and that was very cool. We have been in Alborg, Copenhagen and Kolding. Everything was organized perfectly and people were very enthusiastic. We have also camped one day nearby the biggest hanging-bridge in Denmark. At the moment I can't remember the name. It was awesome to see all the isles with the sun shining on our heads. 

- What would you take with you on a deserted Island?

Stef: A boat (ha, ha) to sail back. Oooh and Volleyball. Further you don't need anything. Just look at Castaway with Tom Hanks. A great movie.

- I leave here the space to say anything you want to say to our readers.

Stef: We want to thank Sissul of Lades in Kopenhagen for her support. Babe, you rock!! Sorry Sissul, but we don't know the correct spelling of your name anymore.   

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Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

Textures - Drawing Circles 

Album still available on Listenable Records.

Follow-up to Drawing Circles, released spring 2008 also on Listenable records.

Textures is PolyrhytmicMetalMadness