Interview with Benny Jansson, Tears of Anger (January 23rd, 2006)

Behind Tears of Anger is 2 Swedish brothers – Benny and Björn Jansson on guitars and vocals respectively – they will release their second album called “In the Shadows” shortly, I have put a few questions together for Benny.

Kenn - Benny, previous to your new album you have released another album “Still Alive” (which I’ve sadly not heard). I am sure there is a lot more to be told about your background, so please fill us in...
I have worked as a studio musician with a lot of Swedish artists including Anders Johansson HammerFall and Jens Johansson Stratovarius, Erika (Yngwie Malmsteen's ex-wife), Svullo, Dave Nerge, Andreas Novak, Snake charmer to name but a few and I also wrote two songs in the movie "Sokarna" together with Björn Jansson and Thomas Brandt.

Last year I released an album with Xsavior (progressive music) members of the project was Göran Edman, Daniel Flores, Mathias Garnås, Mathias Norberg and of course myself.  

I have released three solo albums “Viritual Humanity”, “Flum Ride” and “Save the world” and I am now working on my fourth album which I hope will be released during this year.

I have also started to create new songs for the third Tears of Anger album.  

Kenn – “In the Shadows” will be released shortly, what kind of expectations do you have for it?
I hope we can gain more fans, and I hope that people know that Tears of Anger is a band to counts on even in the future.  

Kenn – What are the biggest differences between “In the Shadows” and “Still Alive”?
I think
“In the Shadows” is more raw and heavy.
We did not stress anything and I think everyone is happier with their performance on this album.

Kenn – You have taken it upon yourself to produce, engineer and mix the album – was that decision made from a financial standpoint, or because you felt you could handle the job without any problems? How do you feel about the result looking back?
I felt that I could handle the job without any problems and it gives us more freedom.

Otherwise you have to put your trust in other people and then you never know about the final result.
The only problem was to mastered the album because it was new for me so I hade to study the mastering process.
I have worked hard to make a better production and we are all satisfied with the final result.

Kenn – The rhythm section on the album feature 2 guys from Mind’s Eye – Daniel Flores on drums and Johan Niemann on bass, are they hired help, or are they regular band members?
Both of them are band members but Johan is also working with Therion.  

Kenn - I know artist’s don¹t like to put a label on their music - but a spaceship from outer space has just landed in your backyard, and is demanding an answer - so how would you describe your music to an alien from another galaxy?
We use to describe the music as MPA (a mix of Metal, Progressive, AOR)
its progressive metal with a lot of skilled technical influences and at the same time very melodic with catchy songs.

Kenn - If your music was an emotion, which one would it be?
A lot of anger and frustration he he he :o)

Kenn – What inspires you when you write a song – walk us through the creation of a song…
Benny: Usually my ideas start with cool intro riff and when I am satisfied I just go on with the verse, the bridge and the chorus. I am just opened minded and I have no problems to create new songs. I don’t try to put a limit to my ideas.

Kenn - Is there any plans for you to go out on the road to support “In the Shadows” or is this strictly a studio project?
The idea has all the time been to get on the road so I really hope you all can see us in the near future. I will declare that Tears of Anger is not just a studio project. We are a band hoping to get on the stage it is just a matter of time.

Kenn - I was wondering – is there a deeper idea behind the artwork?
I just tried to create a picture with an association to the title of the album “In the Shadows”. But if I succeeded I really don’t know.  

Kenn - Let’s play an association game, please tell us your first spontaneous thoughts about the following key words:

Love and trust.

Complicated and huge.

World Cup in Germany 2006 (Soccer)
I can’t wait to see Sweden get a gold medal.

Progressive Metal

The Swedish Metal scene
Many interesting bands.

Kenn – Name a person, event or maybe an album, that have had a big influence on you life, and why?
Rory Gallagher at Marathon Rock festival in the 70´s. When I saw that concert on television I learned my first lick on the guitar. That was the beginning of my career.

Kenn – When you sit back to relax at home, what kind of things do you do? Listen to music, read, watch TV or…
I watch TV with my guitar in my hand. That gives me time to practice new scales and other stuff.

Kenn - Last question - do you have any famous last words for our readers?
I hope you all enjoy our latest album “In the Shadows” and I hope I’ll see you out there soon!
I will also thank you Kenn for doing this interview and for your interest in Tears of Anger.
Take care!

Tears of Anger - In the Shadows

Debut album out on Lion Music.

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