Interview with SpellBlast (March 20th 2007)


- Hi SpellBlast. First of all, please tell the readers a little about your self… where you’re from and how you got your name


SpellBlast - Hi Peter, we’re from Bergamo, a city near Milan in the north of Italy, SpellBlast is the name of the game MAGIC THE GATHERING that have “lent us” his name.


- You have just released ”Horns of Silence”, are you satisfied with it?

SpellBlast - With “Horns of Silence” we think that we’ve made a great step into the world of metal music, the results of the recording/mixing sessions have fully satisfied our expectations, now we’re waiting to know what people think about our work.


- How would you describe SpellBlast’s music, and the new album, to any of our readers who may not have heard of SpellBlast before?
SpellBlast - Well, this album contain nine songs and it’s difficult to give to them a general definition because some of them, like Glory to the Gem or Sign of the Unicorn, were written on the far 1999/2000 when the band was in a epic-power period, but if you listen to “In the Name of Odin” or “Legend of the Ice Wolf”, the folk influences have taken over. So we can put the album in the “folk influenced power metal” section.


- Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?

SpellBlast - Giampy, our graphic designer have done all the graphic of this CD, we’ve worked with him also on our demo (Ray Of Time) and he has fully satisfied us. We think that the CD cover must be at the same artistic level of the music contained in it ‘because also the “package” will do the difference!


- Who is the main songwriter in SpellBlast?

SpellBlast - All the band members will work at the same time on a song to give to it a mix of influences but I can definitely say that Luca, Claudio (guitars) and Ivan (Keyboards) are the songwriters of SpellBlast.


- What are your influences and which CDs are in your player at the moment?

SpellBlast -  We haven’t particular stylistic influences; our music is SpellBlast’s music :-) …. In my player at the moment? Vintersorg.


- What tasks presently lie ahead for SpellBlast?

SpellBlast - Now we’re already writing new songs for the next album and we’re searching for a booking that allow us to bring our music also out from Italian ground.


- Let’s speculate – you have been granted a free slot on a tour of your own choice – who would be your ideal touring partners?

SpellBlast - I think… Blind Guardian… he he.


- What are you doing besides SpellBlast, job wise as well as hobbies?

SpellBlast - Everyone have his work, sure it would be a dream to be able to make money of our passion.


- Well, that’s it! Thanks a lot for the interview. Anything you’d like to add to

our head banging readers?

SpellBlast - First of all we’ve to say a big “Thank you” at everyone that have bought our new album, and if you’re become our fan, please support us and.. maybe one day we’ll come to your country!

See ya’ under the stage my friends!


Interviewed by Peter Laursen

SpellBlast - Horns of Silence

Album available on Metal Crusade Records.

For more info on SpellBlast - click on the album cover.