Interview with Richard Andersson, Space Odyssey  (April 13, 2005)

First, congratulations with your new album "The Astral Episode" - are you satisfied with it?
Richard - Definitely!

How has your new album been received by the media?
Richard - Very good actually!

How would you compare "The Astral Episode" to "Embrace The Galaxy", and what are the main evolutions and changes for you?
Richard - This second record is more hard arranged and well produced. I also knew, that it would be a cd, which I didn’t know on the first cd.

My personal highlights are "Astral Episode" and "Dazzle The Devil", what is your favourite track on "The Astral Episode" and why?
Richard - I like the first track very much! I think it’s representative for the whole record.

What are your plans, now that the new album is out?
Richard - Right now I am working hard promoting it and trying to arrange some kind of tour in the nearest future.

Can we expect more releases of Space Odyssey in the future?
Richard - Of course! I won’t quit making good music in the next 30 years!!!

Your playing on the new album is fantastic. Do you practice every single day?
Richard - No not really! I am in my studio almost every day of the week. I spend most of my time composing, but do sometimes jam around with a backing track or so.

What is the best song you have ever written?
Richard - "Confusicus" on the second Time Requiem record. I like the old time songs very much.

Who is your favourite keyboard player?
Richard -
I really do not have any favourite key player, but recently I had Mr. Jens Johansson playing a guest solo on my up coming Collection record, which will be released this summer. That man is one of the best key musicians around. Bow to the master!!!

Where do you see the main difference between, Space Odyssey and your other band Time Requiem?
Richard - In everything basically! When I compose, arrange or produce for Time Requiem I am totally into that particularly project. So basically I do not think about Space Odyssey at that moment.

I have read somewhere, that you would like to write a musical or maybe even an opera, is that true?
Richard - Yes! That would be really something. I am a huge ABBA fan and like what Mr. Benny Andersson has established throughout his career.

Which music do you personally listen to at home?
Richard - Classical music such as Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Paganinni.

I wonder, if you might make an all-time albums Top 5?
Richard - 

  • ABBA - “Arrival”
  • Deep Purple - “Perfect Strangers”
  • Yngwie Malmsteen - “Trilogy”
  • Ayeron - “Into The Electric Castle”
  • My own upcoming “The Ultimate Andersson Collection”

Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions and good luck with your new album.

Richard -  Thank you very much! Nice questions! Take care and talk to you later!


Mange tak.

Space Odyssey - The Astral Episode

Album out on Regain Records.

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