The young Swedish band Sonic Syndicate have their third album out – ‘Love and Other Disasters’ - a release that most likely will catapult them to the stars with its heavy dosages of modern metal pop.


The Power Of Metal wants to know what’s going down in the Sonic Syndicate world and Thomas asks bass chick Karin Axelsson a few questions.


Hello Karin, I take it the Sonic Syndicate camp is fuelled and ready to go with this excellent new album out?


Karin: Of course we are! The album was released almost a week ago and it feels great to finally get the reactions from media and fans. So far the reactions have been really good and we can't wait to get out and play the songs live. So for Jack of diamonds is the only song we have played live and the reactions have been amazing. I'm really happy that the album is out.


You decided to work with (producer) Jonas Kjellgren again. How come?


Karin: We kind of decided that as we were recording "Only Inhuman". We all agreed that Jonas is a great producer, easy to work with and has a lot of great ideas and an open mind. This time was easier because we all know each other better now and Jonas knows the way we want to work in the studio. We are very happy with the hard work he has done together with us and we'll see what happens in the future.


How did you come up with the title for the album?


Karin: It was Richard actually that came up with the title. He is also the one who writes most of the lyrics so it's something to bind them all together of course. The songs are about love and other disasters so it's just that simple haha. Also I think it's a really catchy name which isn't really that mainstream metal name for a record, that's why I think it's great.


The video for Jack of Diamonds is definitely one for the boys. Doesn’t it worry you as a woman that your sex is portrayed as sex objects the way they are in this video?


Karin: No it doesn't bother me at all, I don't think that we need to take everything so seriously, I mean shooting this video was a lot of fun, the girls who are in it do it because they like it. It's not a deadly serious thing, it's done like a video-game showing what people think can be some kind of "high-life" but the point is the house of cards will fall one day.


Which track is your favourite off ‘Love and Other Disasters’? I think I have come to the conclusion that mine is Power Shift.


Karin: My absolute favourite on "Love and other disasters" is Encaged. I really love the lyrics and we had a lot of fun writing it. It was also the first one I recorded for this album.  After that it's hard for me to choose a favourite song because I love all the songs in different ways and for different reasons, just as I think our fans will do.


How big a part of the song writing are you? Does every one in the band chip in when songs are created?


 Karin: This time the writing process was different from before. On both Eden Fire and Only Inhuman Roger was the main writer of the music and we just chipped in with ideas if we thought something needed to be changed. This time we all sat down in our rehearsal room jamming together and coming up with ideas. Trying out riffs and stuff until we were happy. Some days we didn't even have something to start with and we didn't leave until we had. It doesn't sound like a very fun job especially since we didn't have much time but I have to tell you, I never had a better time!


I read somewhere that you live from your music now. What did you and the rest of the band do before?


Karin: Yes that's true. And it feels amazing that we came this far in just one year, it really is a dream coming true for us. I used to be a personal assistant before, which means that I was helping sick and disabled people to come with every day life. It's an interesting job but this is what I wanna do. Rich and Roger were electricians, John a carpenter, Roland worked in a office ha ha and Robin dropped out of school. I would like to say that we're really happy with the way it is right now and it can only get better! 


What inspired you to start playing music in the first place?


 Karin: I've always been doing something with music. My dad is a guitarist and my mom plays bass and piano so they inspired me to start playing as well. My dad bought me and my brother a guitar when we were about 13 I think, after that I started playing bass and singing as well. I guess it's in my blood to do this, I have a natural urge to be on stage.


You live in the small town of Falkenberg in Sweden. What is the place like? A hole in the ground or the best place on earth?


Karin: Well, when you're not home that often you learn to appreciate what you have. Falkenberg is a really good place to be on summer vacation. We have a nice beach, a lot of tourists and it's not too small, at least not for me. This is a nice place to me and a place to rest, be with my family and friends and I think I will stay here for a pretty long time. There's only one more town I could see myself living in and that is Gothenburg. It's just the perfect size city and also close to Falkenberg.


What happened to your hair style? I have to confess to be old-fashioned and conservative – buuuuah, Karin cut her hair!


Karin: I thought metal was about music and being a good musician, but I guess some people don't see it that way. I'm not afraid to try new stuff. My hair will grow back and I will have it in different colors and styles a million more so beware!


Name the five albums that have had the importance for you.


Karin: I've been listening to a lot of different music over the years, but the albums that meant the most to me are:

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom.  Got it when I was ten and loved it ever since, Gwen Stefani is one of my top female role models.

Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals. Was the first Marilyn Manson record I got and after that I was completely stuck and bought everything I could find. Still one of my favourite bands ever.

Cradle Of filth - Dusk And Her embrace.  I really like gothic themes and vampires and the atmosphere on that record really got to me, it's beautiful.

Evanescence - Fallen. Amy Lee has one of the coolest voices.

Pink - I'm not dead. That attitude pink has is great and I get happy listening to her songs.


If you could put together a dream tour what would the bill look like?


Karin: That would be us and Nightwish on a European tour. We already toured with Nightwish in the US and Canada this year in May and they are probably the sweetest people on earth. Great live band, super friendly and easy to work with. I really miss them and hope that we can tour once more together.


Karin, thanks a million for answering my questions – any last rants to our readers?


Karin: I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports the music scene over all whether they like Sonic Syndicate or not. All of us are doing what we love most so again thanks to all the magazines, papers, fanzines, netzines and most of all the fans for listening to Sonic Syndicate.


Sonic Syndicate - Love and Other Disasters

Album available on Nuclear Blast Records.

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