Interview with bass player Andreas Blomqvist, Seventh Wonder (October 26th 2006)

Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album. To new fans could your please fill us in on the history behind it all?
Andreas –
Yeah, sure! I played with Johnny, our drummer and Johan, our guitarist in a band prior to this one called Mankind. After that band fell apart we continued together and recruited keyboard-wiz Andreas “Kyrt” Söderin and started to look for a singer. After a few had come and gone we got a record deal with Lion Music with Andi Kravljaca on vocals. After it became clear we couldn’t work together with him we decided to part ways. This was actually even before the first album was released, which was in June 2005. We then stumbled upon one of the greatest talents I’ve ever met - Tommy Karevik, who joined on vocals. Fortunately Lion Music was patient with us during the singer-hassle and we got their blessing to record a sequel to 'Become'. We felt a lot more confident this time and the result was 'Waiting in the Wings'.  

How has your new album been received by the media?
Andreas –
So far I have actually only seen one review but that was the single most positive review we have ever received so it seems that the future is smiling at us!

I know artists don't like to put a label on their music - but a spaceship from outer space has just landed in your backyard, and is demanding an answer - so how would you describe your music to an alien from another galaxy?
Andreas –
We combine the strong and catchy song structure of the 80’s metal scene with the most mind boggling technical stunts known to man!

If your music was an emotion, which one would it be?
Andreas –
That’s a question I’ve never heard before! Hmmmm…. ….Resolve, I think. Determination.  

Who and what inspires you when you write a song? Walk us through the creation of a song?
Andreas –
To me it is different whether you speak of the music or the lyrics. The music is usually inspired by other music. Not necessary metal songs though, actually it is usually quite the opposite. It is quite common I pick up an idea or an embryo, I you will, from a piece of classical music, a TV-commercial or whatever really. Sometimes I just stumble across a riff or a melody when I am practising. After I’ve found the start it is usually easy to keep going. The intro, which is usually what I start with, most often send a certain feeling to me and that feeling controls the continuing process to write. When it comes to lyrics, I usually have a feeling, or a very vivid picture or scene in my mind, and I try to describe that feeling or picture and get it on paper. After the song is done there is usually a lot of tweaking going on to make it more interesting.

This is of course in the case when I write pretty much the entire song; usually we do a lot of the work together as a band, once the original idea is spawned by someone.  

Which subjects do your lyrics refer to, and who writes them? And what inspires you when you write your lyrics?
Andreas –
The lyrics are today mostly written by Tommy, but I always write a few as well, something which I enjoy a whole lot. I am really impressed by Tommy’s lyrics though, and I mostly write lyrics to satisfy a personal need, rather than because I think I’d do it better, which is probably not the case….

The inspiration comes from what I see, think, feel, hear, sense – life, I guess. Whether it’s real life or a fantasy life – I think it is important to cover both aspects.

Who has produced and mixed the album? Are you pleased with the result?
Andreas –
We produced the album ourselves and I think we did a good job as we learned a lot from the Become-experience last time. The mix was performed by a personal hero of mine –Tommy Hansen! He is the one who worked on such classics as Keeper of the seven keys by Helloween for instance. We are really pleased with the mi this time as opposed to the previous time.  

Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?
Andreas –
It was done by the same guy we worked with on 'Become'. His name is Carl-André Beckston and works also under the pseudonym MonoWasp. He is a fantastic artist and a lot of fun to work with. It is very easy to talk to him and I would recommend him to anyone!

The artwork is very important. I mean, when you think of a classic album you immediately picture the cover, right? It is what will hopefully catch your eye in the store.  

Do you have any touring plans?
Andreas –
I would really love to say yes to that question. Nothing would make us happier than to be able to get out and play. We long for the opportunity and will accept any gig that’s feasible to do! We hope that our management will get us on the road once the album is released.

Let’s speculate – you have been granted a free slot on a tour of your own choice – who would be your ideal touring partners?
Andreas –
For me, I guess the answer would be Iron Maiden if I could choose freely! That’s because they’re my biggest heroes of all time. I guess a slot as an opening act for, let’s say, Symphony X would be a great thing as well. Those guys are also heroes and in the genre.

How do you feel about the co-operation with your label?
Andreas –
Lars-Eric Mattsson of Lion Music has to be one of the greatest people you could possibly come across in this business. His faith in us is the only reason we have an album out today. We owe him a lot and I am always thankful for the trust he has placed in us.

The internet is a very important source for many metal fans – how do you use the internet and how important is it for you and other bands?
Andreas –
The internet is both a blessing and a curse to bands these days. To us, it’s definitely most a blessing though. We mainly use our website at for information and as a gateway to the web. We have quite a lot of visitors and there is no way to get your name around the globe as with Internet. On the downside are of course those pirate sites in Russia selling our music without us getting paid for it. The downloads help to spread the name though, so it’s not all bad, but of course it sucks when you’ve put up all this money, time and effort and you find your music on the web before it’s even released – but hey, that’s life.

And how do you feel about the metal scene in general at the moment?
Andreas –
It is huge! So many good bands out today and the access to high-tech equipment enables a lot more people to record and release their music today. I think the scene is great.

Which song do you consider to be the best one you have ever written?
Andreas –
I don’t know really…. I guess perhaps it depends on if you mean the band or me personally? I really like “Devil’s Inc.”, “Waiting in the Wings” and “Taint the Sky” on the new album, but I think I would list three different songs if you ask me again in ten minutes time… (: “The Edge of My Blade” or “Banish the Wicked” perhaps? “Not an Angel”? Or perhaps “Walking tall” or “Star Of David” and why not “Pieces”? On the previous album my favourite songs are “What I’ve Become” and “Like Him”.

Name an album, person or event that has had a huge influence on your life … and why?
Andreas –
Album: Trash by Alice Cooper which was my way into hard rock and heavy metal. Person: Marcel Jacob as he has taught me so much and let me experience so much. Event: I guess I have to be corny and say the day I met my wife. That was definitely a day that changed my life in so many ways I can’t even begin to list them here…  

Which kind of music do you listen to at home?
Andreas –
Right now it’s a lot of Deep Purple and some classical music (Wagner, Beethoven and Bach). I also listen a lot to Symphony X and Talisman (as always). I also listen to some gospel music every now and then.  

Vinyl has had a small comeback lately – do you still prefer “the old sound” or are you a CD/DVD kind of guy?
Andreas –
Definitely a CD/DVD guy! I must confess that I don’t understand the debate. It’s much clearer sound and easier to use – why bother with the old stuff? Embrace the 21st century man! (:  

Last question - do you have any famous last words for our readers?
Andreas –
Yeah! Be nice to people and buy “Waiting in the Wings”! Cheers!!!

Interviewed by Kenn Jensen

Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings

Album available on Lion Music.

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