Interview with Ramon & Aldo Secret Sphere before the show at Train, Århus - April 17th 2006
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We caught up with Italian power metal band Secret Sphere before their show opening for King Diamond at Train in Århus. Here's a transcript of our little conversation with Ramon and Aldo...

First of all - how did it go and how were you received on Saturday in Esbjerg?
Aldo - At the end of the show we were really happy, because I think we played at nice show. And after the show many people came up to us and told us that they didn't know the music before, but were really impressed with your music and the show. And that they were glad to discover us, and that made me really, really happy. And I think if we play a good show again tonight, then we will gain fans here as well.

Ramon joins the interview

You played the Prog Power show in the UK a few weeks ago, how did that go?
Aldo - It was really great, and we were really impressed that so many people knew about Secret Sphere. I was really happy, because when we played live, really many in the crowd were singing along with our songs. Everything about the event was cool, maybe the place was too big - it was a really big venue. I was really impressed with all of the people singing the songs - it was really nice.

Did you fit into the bill?
Aldo - Yes, but there were some different bands like Orphaned Land, and they were really different! But the rest of the bands were cool - Firewind, who plays typical heavy metal with some power metal influences, and then there were Pagan's Mind, which was more progressive metal. And at the end Therion - and they were really impressive!

And now you are touring with King Diamond - how do you feel?
Ramon - We are feeling very, very good. First of all - King Diamond is a metal legend, and it's great to be (touring) with him and to open his concerts. But also because his musical (style) is more classic metal an it fits very well with our audience, because we are power metal with speed and symphonic influences. We grew up with Iron Maiden and that sort of stuff, so it's good to plays this kind of music for this kind of audience.

Do you feel your music fits into King Diamond’s music as well? Because listening to your CD's made us think - maybe this is for another kind of crow - but do you feel confident in your music?
Both - Yeah!
Ramon - It's more about the metal mentality. Because even though we coming from the (Iron Maiden) camp, we can fit into the bill.

Just put on a good show and win over the audience...
Ramon - Yeah!

When listening to your latest CD - Helloween seems to be an influence and also Iron Maiden, especially "Dance with the Devil". You also took part on the Keepers of Jericho tribute CD - have you ever met Helloween?
Aldo - No, not personal. But we received compliments from Weiki for our contribution ("How Many Tears") on the CD. In an Italian magazine, he was asked about the Keepers of Jericho tribute album, and he said one of his favourites was Secret Sphere's version of "How Many Tears". And that made us very happy, because it's nice get a compliment like that because Helloween is one our biggest influences.

Who else would you say have been strong influences on your music?
Ramon - Helloween, Iron Maiden.
Aldo - Me personally, I grew up listening to a lot of hard rock music, and it is still my favorite kind of music. My all-time favorite band is Mötley Crüe, but do also listen to a lot the newer American bands like Shadows Fall. I think they are very interesting because they mix different kinds of metal - typical metal, metal core, emocore.
Ramon - I grew up with hard rock - Guns 'n' Roses, Aerosmith - before I fell deeply in love with Iron Maiden and Helloween. But I keep an open mind, when listening to music and composing music. Like we do have our style, but if someone comes up with a different idea or orchestration, then we are ready to try something new and to evolve.

So how do create a song, is it a band effort or...?
Ramon - Most of the times, we get together and someone comes up with a guitar riff and we work it out from there. Sometimes it's the keyboard player, who comes with a vocal line - he does often have some very good ideas. And we mix it all together... We are 6 guys in the band and everybody has to be satisfied with the outcome.

You just mentioned Mötley Crüe - you (Aldo) are taking part in a cover project...
Aldo - Yes, along with some members from Mind's Eye and Pagan's Mind - we have recorded "Wild Side" for the record, which will be out at the end of this year on an US label (I think).

"Secret Symphony Orchestra" is credited on "Heart & Anger" - what's behind that?
Aldo - I'll explain - when we went into the studio we wanted to use some real classical instruments. And one days we were in a local pub, and a guy from the Allesandria Classical Conservatory comes up to us and says: "I know you, you play in that band, and we were wondering if it was possible to do some shows together? We will arrange your songs, and we will play your songs together with the band". So we talked with them, and thought why don't we ask them to arrange stuff for the new album? And so it happened...
Ramon - And it was a dream come true especially for our keyboarder to compose together with them.

The Italian metal scene seems fairly strong, but what's it like, is it easy to get gigs?
Aldo - Hmmm, not so easy. There are many, many bands - especially power and symphonic metal bands. But it's not very easy to organize concerts; it's very, very hard to get into the nice places. Metal in Italy is underground, so it's hard to find the right people to organize gigs. There are a lot of bands, not just power metal, but also gothic and thrash metal - very good bands too, but we don't have the same mentality like in Germany or Scandinavia. We are not quite there yet!
The bands are ready, now we just need the people behind the scenes - the labels, the promoters etc. to be ready.

OK this one is for me (Kenn) - I know football is very important in Italy. Can you agree on supporting one football club or do you follow six different teams in the band?
Aldo - I don't care that much about football, but I do like Roma. And I know some the other guys follow Juventus, but not closely.
Ramon - When I was a child I was a big fan of Juventus, but now I don't follow soccer that much any more.

So you are not looking forward to the World Cup in Germany in the summer?
Both - Yeah off course!
Aldo - That's important! But we like to get together and play football just for the fun of it... But we don't have the passion to go to games every Sunday.
Ramon - We put our passion into music instead.

One final question - do you have any rituals before you go on stage?
Aldo - Yeah, we get together and join hands and shout: "Rock 'n' Roll".

Secret Sphere - Heart & Anger

Album out on Nuclear Blast GmbH.

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