Interview with Al Jourgensen, Revolting Cocks & Ministry (February 16th, 2006)

In celebration of the first Revolting Cocks release in ten years, “Cocked and Loaded”,’s Thomas Nielsen plays the inquisition symphony for noise guru Al Jourgensen.

Thomas: Al, great to hear that the Revolting Cocks and your self are back and full of energy on “Cocked and Loaded”.
In the music press I’ve been reading about you coming out of drug abuse not so long ago - and now, after ten years of absence, there’s a new RevCo album, if I remember correctly, a new Ministry album is in the making, and at least one European appearance is planned for Ministry this summer (Wacken Open Air). Is this the new Al?
Al Jourgensen: No. It’s just the old Al, minus the drugs.

Thomas: How does the RevCo sound fit into the musical trends of this day and age? Do you think your sound is fresh enough compared to what’s going on out there? Will RevCo matter to others than old geeks like my self?
Al Jourgensen: The Revolting Cocks never fit into any mold or trend. That’s the whole purpose behind the Cocks. We make our own mold and lie in it! Cocks are for the golden moldies, and for any youngsters who aspire to be grumpy, crusty salty seamen.  

Thomas: Do you think it’ll take ten years again before we hear new material from the Revolting Cocks? Is a RevCo album something that just happens when…it happens?
Al Jourgensen: As we all know, you can’t force a Cock to cum. RevCo happens when the planets align. I doubt it will be another 13 years before the next one, as I’ve already got calls from people to be on the next Cocks project – including Alice Cooper.  

Thomas: Describe the process behind “Cocked and Loaded”. How do you work with the other members of the band?
Al Jourgensen: We get drunk. We puke. We fall down. We make music. That’s the process.  

Thomas: The track “Caliente (Dark Entries)” can be found on the soundtrack for the thriller Saw II. How did this come about?
Al Jourgensen: Apparently one of the producers is a huge Revolting Cocks fan, and also a Butt Hole Surfers fan. He first approached us for a Ministry track, but then he heard Caliente.  

Thomas: Could you tie a few words of explanation to the tune “Revolting Cock Au Lait” (from “Cocked and Loaded”)? The use of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is intriguing…
Al Jourgensen: You mean we will Cock you?  Cock au Lait is a bastardized anthem for Cock Rock everywhere, it features burlesque performance artist Lady Monster. We’re going to franchise our own StarBuck Satan coffee shops and serve only Revolting Cock Au Laits.

Thomas: Any live appearances planned for the Revolting Cocks?
Al Jourgensen: The MasterBaTour this summer with Ministry in the US/Canada. We’re having a party and everyone’s cummin’.

Thomas: Touring – a necessary evil or god’s gift to man?
Al Jourgensen: Fun for the whole dysfunctional family to enjoy.

Thomas: The list of side projects on your website is impressive. How on earth can you separate one from the other? Do you ever sleep?
Al Jourgensen: I do not sleep. Fortunately, I am schizo and bi-polar, so there’s not problem spinning 15 plates in the air at the same time.  

Thomas: You’re widely considered one of the great eccentrics of the (alternative) music business. What does the eccentric do when he’s not creating music?
Al Jourgensen:
 I shit, piss, breathe, eat and fart music, there’s nothing else.  

Thomas: Looking back on the veritable who’s who in punk/metal/industrial you’ve worked with over the past 25 years, who stand out as the most inspiring personalities you’ve met?
Al Jourgensen: Working with Rick Nielsen and Billy Gibbons was inspiring for me. My greatest inspiration would have to be Tim Leary, and also William Burroughs.  

Thomas: Timothy Leary was involved with the Revolting Cocks at one point. What was the man behind the legend like?
Al Jourgensen: Just the greatest human being I’ve ever met. I lived with Tim for 2 years. I still carry his photo in my wallet.  Besides teaching me a lot, I was also his personal drug guinea pig.  

Thomas: You can make noise on several instruments – but which one is your favourite?
Al Jourgensen: Guitar – when I grow up I wanna be Jimmy Page.  

Thomas: What’s your biggest wish for 2006?
Al Jourgensen: That maybe I’ll get some sleep by Christmas.  

Thomas: If you should list the five albums that influenced your musical career the most (apart from your own albums, naturally :), which ones would those be?
Al Jourgensen: 
1.  Hank Williams Greatest Hits
2.  Buck Owens Greatest Hits
3. Tom Waits Small Change
4. Cheap Trick In Color
5.  ZZ Top Tres Hombres

Thomas: Thanks a bunch for answering my questions! Any final words of wisdom for our readers?
Al Jourgensen:
See you in Europe, fuckers!

Revolting Cocks - Cocked and Loaded

Album available March 3rd on 13th Planet Records.

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