Interview with
Claus Jensen, IntroMental (November 1st 2007)


What kind of expectations do you have for the very first ProgPower Scandinavia?

Claus - Our hope is to create a festival unlike anything that has ever been organised in Denmark before. A chance for fans of the “sub-genres” progressive metal and power metal to get together and see bands that they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to see here in Denmark. Seeing that the ProgPower brand for 10 years now have been regarded as a force to be reckoned with on the metal scene, first through the Dutch festival and later on by identical festivals in USA and UK, we feel it’s about time we also have one of those here in Scandinavia. 

How pleased are you with the line-up?

Claus - We’re VERY pleased with it. Considering it’s the first year our budget can’t afford huge high-profile bands, but we’ve managed to get some awesome bands on here, three of which have never played in Denmark before (Spheric Universe Experience, Machine Men and Eldritch). Our headliners Mercenary and Orphaned Land should be the “names” in terms of attracting audience, as they both have performed at The Rock before with sold-out crowds (Mercenary on their own, and Orphaned Land as support to Paradise Lost). We’ve got some exciting new blood in there (Spheric Universe Experience, Circus Maximus and Machine Men), some old classic bands within the genre (Eldritch, Threshold), some “newer” rising stars (Mercenary, Andromeda, Firewind) and some bands that really are able to crossover into other genres (Orphaned Land, Darkane). For our first year we are definitely happy about this line-up. 

Which band(s) do you personally look forward watching live on stage?

Claus - I personally, am probably looking most forward to watching Machine Men, Eldritch and Spheric Universe Experience, simply because those 3 are the only ones on the bill I’ve never seen live before. But from a musical p.o.v. Orphaned Land and Threshold are two of my very favourite bands, so it’s going to be fun, seeing them again. 

When do you consider ProgPower Scandinavia to be a success?

Claus - We actually do see it as a success right now. We’ve got a lot of media and fan attention for this festival worldwide. We have fans coming over from as far away as USA, Hungary and Spain to see the bands and experience the festival. Of course we would prefer a sold out festival, but we also know how difficult that is to do here in Denmark. We have to build things up slowly. 

Can we expect a ProgPower Scandinavia again next year?

Claus - Yes!!! This is just the beginning, and with the help from our venue (THE ROCK), our sponsors, the media and most importantly the fans who buy tickets we will make this festival an annual event for many years to come. 

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Interviewed by Kenn Jensen.