Interview with Johan Lindstrand (vocals) - One Man Army and the Undead Quartet (October 30th 2008)

Last week One Man's third album 'Grim Tales' was released. We from the Power of had the opportunity to ask main man Johan Lindstrand all about the new album, the upcoming tour and Johan's legacy. 


After “Error in Evolution” the band toured with Gorefest, can you tell us something about that tour? Was it a success?

Johan: Well, it wasn't a very big tour and some shows were pretty bad, but some were cool. Although we had a lot of fun and the package was really cool. Too bad we only did one tour for the "Error" album, but hopefully there will be more this time.


Your new album ‘Grim Tales’ sounds to me a little more thrash and a little less death than the first ones, what is your opinion about that?

Johan: Hard to say, personally I think that we are more aggressive than ever. We have a straight forward kick ass album here. And like always we mix thrash and death in a brilliant way if you ask me. But for me this is death metal 100%. But I guess everybody has opinions, hehe.


Why did the band choose to record  ‘Grim Tales’ in the Black Lounge Studios?

Johan: First of all, this is a really good studio with a brilliant engineer/producer. But we never cared to travel that far for our recordings earlier. So we always recorded in studios close by. The label wanted us to do it at other studios, this time we did what they recommended and the sound on 'Grim Tales' blows me away. I'm totally satisfied with it and I'm really happy that we finally did something outside the box so to speak. And working with Jonas Kjellgren was a really good choice as well, he makes the whole vibe very good and makes you feel good about yourself, and that is very important, so we'll definetely go there again! 


Who writes most of the music for the songs and who is responsible for the lyrics this time?

Johan: Mikael and I have written all the music, except for the intro where the new guy Mattias also has a contribution. The lyrics are written by me.


What are ‘Grim Tales’ exactly, what’s the definition of a Grim Tale?


Johan: Grim Tales is the definition of all the individual tracks on the album. And together they create a really aggressive and powerful feeling. I mean, there are 10 stories, 10 different tales and then I don't include the intro "Black Clouds".

Is the band going on tour to promote the new album?


Johan: Yeah we'll do a 3-weeks tour together with Unleashed and Krisiun starting November 14th. I think this will be awesome. Great package and all 3 bands have new records out, so the audience should see this as a great and interesting evening. Hopefully a lot of people will show up, but time will tell.


The band did record a Christmas single once, “Christmas For the Lobotomizer’, can we expect something like that again?

Johan: Yeah, why not, "The return of the Lobotomizer", hehe. These things are always fun to do so I really hope that there will be some more of this in the future.


What are your favourite tracks on the new album? Why?

Johan: "Cursed by the Knife" because it's so intense and fun to play I guess. "Bastards of Monstrosity" is another groovy thing that is really joyable to play. Then there's also "Bonebreaker Propoganda" which turned out really great on the album. It sounded kinda crappy on the demo, but went through a heavy makeover for the album.


What makes One Man Army different from those other thousand metalbands around the world?

Johan: The thing is that we are definitely not unique and we're not trying to be either. I mean, we play death/thrash and it's suppose to sound in a certain way we all love, but I think that we have a more massive and catchy sound than a lot of other bands. And of course, what other bands do, we do better,...hehe.


What cd’s would a burglar find when he broke into your car?

Johan: None, since I threw away the car stereo recently, but I had different collections that I had done myself. I think it's more fun to create your own cd's with your favourite artists instead of throwing on an album with only half the songs good. But when driving around for work as a security guard I often play 'Death Magnetic' of Metallica and 'Born Again' from Black Sabbath.


What does OMA like more, playing in a smokey sold-out club for 200-300 fans, or play at a Summer Festival with over 10.000 metalfreaks, where lots of people come to see other shows than yours?

Johan: Both can be good. Of course playing in front of 10,000 people is an awesome feeling and you get to do a lot of good promotion for all those who haven't heard you before. But playing in a small place where most people have come to see you is unbeatable. But in the future we're hoping that those 10,000 people at the festivals will come just to see us because the Summerfestivals are the best there is. Hey, a man has the right to dream right, hahaha?


Any idea what the band is going to do musically on the next album?

Johan: 'Grim Tales' is so fresh that we haven't even begun to talk about it yet, but all I know is that there will be some cool ideas in the working mode in a near future.


What question has no interviewer ever asked you, but did you always want to answer?

Johan: Has it been worth all the efforts. All the blood, sweat and tears to play this kind of antiwealth music throughout my soon 20 year long career?


Please answer the question you came up with.

Johan: Definitely, this is what I do, what I'm made for and One Man Army and the Undead Quartet will be my death metal legacy to the world! Cheers.


Interviewed by Reinier de Vries

One Man Army and The Undead Quartet - Grim Tales

Album available on Massacre Records.