Interview with Oli Grosshans
, My Darkest Hate (June 16, 2004)

1. Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album. To new fans could your please fill us in on the history behind it all?

Oli - Thank you. Well, the whole M.D.H. thing started in the early 90's. Jörg's idea was it to found a band playing Death-Metal in the vein of the old Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower or Massacre. At the end of 1998,  Jörg (g) recorded the first Demo-Tape called "Blood Pounding Black" with René Pfeiffer (v/b). 1999 the line-up was completed by Klaus Sperling (d), and me (Oli Grosshans) (g).  In October 2000 we recorded our first CD entitled "Massive Brutality". René decided to quit the band due to an heavy tinitus disease after our first show. But only a few weeks later, MY DARKEST HATE were able to come up with two new musicians: Chris Simper on vocals and Oliver Schort on bass. After the release of "Massive Brutality", we got offers from several record companies. And finally decided to sign to Massacre Records. In summer 2002, we entered the studio again to record the follow-up album "To Whom It May Concern". We played lots of single shows and a few festival gigs. After that we started writing songs for the third Album, which we finally recorded in February 2004. That's it so far. 

2. How has your new album been received by the media?

Oli - 'Til now, we got mostly positive feedback concerning our new record. But as always, some do & some don't like it...we don't care anyway.

3. I know artists are not happy to categorize their music, but how would you describe your music to an outsider?

Oli - I would say, that we're playin' oldschool-Death-Metal. Kind of a mixture between Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under & Massacre, maybe (as you can see above..question 1. ...)??

4. Where does your inspiration come from, both musically and lyrically?

Oli - The lyrical side comes outa Jörg's sick mind, don't ask me what inspired him, I don't know... Also most of the songs were mostly written by him, expept a few ones are from me. For me in person, I have no typical way or pool of inspiration to write songs. I just play and figure it out if I like the riff or melodyline whatever, just what comes in mind....

5. What topics do you deal with in your lyrics and why?

Oli - That's a question only Jörg can answer, cause he writes all the lyrics. But I think  when you read them you'll find it out by yourself...

6. Who has produced and mixed the album, and are you pleased with the end result?

Oli -  Of course we're pleased with the result! Achim Köhler has done a really good job for the third time on the new album! It's a totally relaxed thing to work with him, for he knows exactly what we want to sound like.

7. Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?

Oli - The cover was made by Travis Smith this time. In our opinion the cover should stay in context to the music and/or the lyrics. We're very sattisfied with the cover 'cause Travis really hits the nerve with it.

8. Do you have any touring plans?

Oli - There are no confirmed touring planes to speak of at the moment. We're gonna play loads of single shows arround Germany this year. May be we do an European tour next year? We'll see....

9. How do you feel about the co-operation with your label, and are you satisfied?

Oli - Let's say: they did what they must. I don't want to get into more details.

10. The internet is a very important source for many metal fans - how do you use the internet and how important is it for you and other bands?

Oli - We think that the www is a very important platform to keep you informed about things happening all over the whole (music)-world. It's an much more faster way than the paper press. We spread news about the band on our homepage -

11. How do you see the metal scene at the moment?

Oli - Well, it seems that we have a smaller scene nowadays than back in the eighties. But there are allways ups and downs, and there will be allways people who support (death-)metal. The only thing I can't stand is that more and more nazi-fuckheads infiltrate the scene, and use it to do their propaganda. Metal was never ment to be a politic platform.

12. To finish things off - could you pls. make a all-time Top 5 or sort of the 5 most important albums in your opinion?

Oli - 

  • Slayer - Reign In Blood

  • Dismember - Like An Ever Flowing Stream

  • Bolt Thrower - War Master

  • Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction

  • Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh

Thanx to Oli for taking the time to answer my questions.
Also a big thanx to Claus (Intromental) for setting up the interview.

My Darkest Hate - At War

Album out on Massacre Records.

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