Interview with Kruger, Mevadio (January 2008)

Groovy and efficient metal from Danish shores is not an unusual sight these days. MEVADIO is another fine shot at cool metal from this tiny country, and The Power of Metal wants to know more about the band and their new release, ‘Fresh Kill Daily’. Thomas plays the inquisition symphony for vocalist Kruger.

Congrats on ’Fresh Kill Daily’! It’s an excellent album as I’m sure you think as well. How would you say you have developed since ‘Hands Down’?


Kruger: Thanks a bunch!  Yeah we dig the outcome - Fresh Kill Daily hits as hard as we wanted it to, so we’re happy!

One of obvious changes since Hands Down is of course that Thomas (guitar) has joined the band, which means there’s another riff-machine contributing to the sound and song writing. Thomas has a very melodic and metal approach to writing, which is one of the reasons Fresh Kill Daily sounds so angry compared to Hands Down. As I see it, we’ve gone through some kind of clarification about what we want and want to sound like over the last couple of years, and because of that the new album is more integrated and consistent.


For someone who has not heard you yet, how’d you describe your style and sound?


Kruger: In my opinion we mix rock, metal and thrash in somewhat equal doses, and have a dark and organic’s one of the questions we’re, naturally, always asked, so with the fear of repeating myself: place us somewhere in between Slayer and The Cult... 


You had a couple of live dates with HateSphere recently. Are there more tour dates coming up soon on the back of the new album?


Kruger: Sure, and thanks to HateSphere for a blast in Aarhus last week! We have a few dates around Denmark in March/April and will play some of the places we missed out on in the fall. During the summer we hope to play some festivals, as the album is released in the rest of Europe.


Who writes the music in Mevadio? Is everyone involved in the process?


Kruger: Mevadio might be the most democratic band in this country, and we all have a saying on practically everything we, as a band, are involved in – writing music included. That’s an interesting and sometimes very frustrating way to go about things, as it takes a lot of time and endless discussing – and that’s on a good day....on a not so good day...well... wrestling is also a way to reach “agreement”!


How do you come up with the themes for the lyrics?


Kruger: The lyrics on any of our album refer to the point in my life I was at, at that given moment. The themes might be the same on the albums, and that actually makes it quite interesting. For me, it shows a development and new things are brought to light, when the same thing is described over time, from different positions and stages in my life. Some of my favourite subjects are indifference, TV, sacrifices and all the wonderful ways that human stupidity is expressed.


You produced the album yourselves along with Tue Madsen. How did that come about and was it a happy marriage?


Kruger: There was no doubt who should produce this album – Tue is very accurate and down-to-earth, and therefore we work really well with him. I don´t know if I would call it a happy marriage, but it was a damn funny experience as always.  


How do you fit into the Danish metal scene? Your style is, in my humble opinion, fairly unique for a Danish band.


Kruger: Thank you very much! We don’t really think about how we fit into the Danish scene, or if we fit in at all. It’s hard for me to say, whether Mevadio is unique or not, but we never try to imitate others or play a certain genre – we do as we please, and try to do our own thing as much as we can.


What was the biggest moment for Mevadio so far?


Kruger: Supporting Sepultura, Testament and Entombed was without a doubt the highlights so far, they are all bands that has done so much for the music we love, and it was an honour to share the stage with them. Besides that, playing Roskilde Festival was veeery satisfying because of the support from the crowd.


Who are the movers and shakers in the world of metal right now in your view?


Kruger: Kenneth and I made an agreement that once you turn 30, you don’t have to listen to any new music, but can rely on the same old shit that you’ve always listened to...and I turned 30 last year so I can only say: Slayer, Motorhead, Entombed and AC/DC do the trick for me...he he...


You’re on a deserted island for five months. Which five albums would you wish had been on your iPod?


Kruger: Easy one...South of heaven, Back in Black, Painkiller, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and Morning Star.


Thanks a bunch for taking the time to answer these questions. Any rants for our readers before I let you off the hook?


Kruger: Thanks for the interest, powermetal 4 life and go easy on the snaps folks!


Mevadio - Fresh Kill Daily

Album available on/through Mighty Music.

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