Interview with guitarist & lead vocalist Michael Isberg, Machinery (February 13th 2007)

- Hi, first off all I just want to congratulate you on your debut album “Degeneration”.
Are you satisfied with it?

Michael - Yeah! Kind of like that is produced that the louder you play it…the clearer and better it sounds.

But off course it can always be better!!

- Where did you record “Degeneration”?
Michael - It was recorded at Necromorbus studio in Stockholm with producer Sverker Widgren. Kind of an old friend to the family, since he did our demos. So we figured that if it is going to be anybody it’s going to be him doing the record with us. We also thought it would be cool to record in a studio which focuses mostly on death/black, which really is their cup of tea, but in addition to that, trying to twist it into something new. I don’t consider our music easily labelled which could make it hard for any studio to make a good production. All subgenres have their strengths in productions and as for me…I wanted it to sound something like Lååz Rockit meets Slipknot and Nevermore!

And the result….I think we need to do our homework better until next time *laughs*

- So, how did you come up with “Degeneration” for the album title?
Michael - I mostly write lyrics that reflect my surroundings and how I fit into that. I like to raise questions rather than make a bold statement like “We are Satan’s offspring” ha-ha. Basically the word itself is supposed to be pun. Something like, Degenerate, generation, regeneration, degeneration and so on! For me that kind of lyricism makes me wonder. What are we doing? And why?
Now you know…I’m a pretentious bastard. 

- Where any songs scratched during the writing/recording process?
Michael - Yeah. Both before and during the sessions. We are a band that writes a lot of music and it was a challenge to decide which songs to have on the album. We finalized 2 tracks though. “Grind ya down” and “Convicted” We’ll see what will happen to them. I think we’re going to use them as bonus tracks on something. I guess at least one of them will be on a compilation later this spring...

- Nevermore comes to mind when I’m listening to “Degeneration”.
In what words would you describe the music and moods of Machinery for someone that has not heard you yet?

Michael - That’s a tough one. I’d like to present our music as aggressive melancholy but I’m not sure everyone would agree to that. Hmm... The best way to describe us is that we’re a hybrid between technical thrash with a touch of American power topped with some Norwegian black. Like Overkill meets Nevermore meets Annihilator or something *laughs* you put me in a spot here. We’re trying to do our own kind of metal…if you all don’t like it. Fuck it!

- The internet has gotten a quite ill reputation with mp3-files available nearly everywhere. Do you see the opportunity of getting sound files of bands off the internet as a chance for bands or rather as a threat to their existence?
Michael - Both actually. It has an upside as well as a downside. I think in the beginning of the career, bands can really use internet to gain popularity. But on the other end of the rope… bands that depend on record sales for living.... their reality must be much harsher. It’s a blessing and shame. A moral question no doubt! 

- The five most important metal albums of all times, please!
Michael -

  • And Justice for all - Metallica

  • Years of Decay - Overkill

  • Dead Heart in a Dead World - Nevermore

  • Long Live Rock 'n' Roll - Rainbow

  • Spreading the Disease - Anthrax

- What are you doing besides Machinery, job wise as well as hobbies?
Michael - I’m working on that one. The dream is that Machinery would become our living. But outside the band hmmm… I enjoy cooking a lot. Especially Ethiopian and Indian food. Going to concerts and buying records is something else I enjoy. Otherwise I think I’m an ordinary guy. I collect some movies, weird movies, comics, like sports, do a bit of gambling, drink BEER!! 

- What tasks presently lie ahead for Machinery?
Michael - At the moment we’re doing preparations for the next album due this fall and hopefully we’ll be able to do a tour this autumn. I got a feeling that a music video might be ready before the end of the year as well. We have also just introduced Mano Lewys to the band since Markus departure last autumn.

- If you could choose freely, who is your dream band to tour with?
Michael - Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Loomis, Geoff Tate, Geezer Butler and van Williams = the dream team! Hahaha

- What would you say to a potential fan to convince him to buy “Degeneration” instead of something else?
Michael - BUY IT or I’ll break your legs!!!

- Well, that’s it! Thanks a lot for the interview. Anything you’d like to add to our head banging readers?
Michael - Keep on moshing guys & dolls! Sooner or later Machinery will come to your town!

Interviewed by Peter

Machinery - Degeneration

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