Interview with Loch Vostok before the show at Train, Århus - April 17th 2006
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Teaming up with the King himself - King Diamond - and Secret Sphere on the Scandinavian part of King Diamond's European tour, we - Thomas & Kenn - had the opportunity to talk with them before their second show of the tour, when the tour made a stop in Aarhus. Here's what they had to say:

First off, how was your music received in Esbjerg?
Teddy - Very well, considering that most of the people hadn't heard the music before. The audience was kind of stiff, so we just tried to make it fun, and started with a "Hey, we are Loch Vostok from Sweden - and we suck!" hehe - people started laughing.

(Thomas - a Primus quote)
Teddy - Yeah exactly.

We have to prepare you for another typical Danish audience again tonight - stiff.
Teddy - Yeah we know.

You label your music as "extreme prog metal" - is it really prog? Isn't it a lot more?
Teddy - Off course there is.

How do you define the extreme then (in your music)?
Teddy - The vocals, that really isn't that extreme anymore... Everybody uses them nowadays, it says on the sticker (on the album): "progressive death metal with a cheese topping!

Who or what inspires you, when you create your music?
The entire band - KING DIAMOND!
Teddy - Lot's of different metal bands, modern death metal, stuff we grew up with. But also newer stuff like Children of Bodom and a fantastic new Swedish band: Scar Symmetry.

(Kenn - Fairly new band)
Teddy - Yeah but they rule!

Who writes the songs, is it a band effort or...?
Teddy - I write most of the stuff, some of the guys does come up with ideas. But most of the times I bring in fairly finished ideas that we use to create the songs.

I bet you've been asked this a million times, but why did you choose the name ( Loch Vostok)?
Teddy - He he - well because it's hard to say...

Who came up with it?
Teddy - Yeah, and it's not like we have a fascination for Antarctica or anything, it just sounded cool. We just thought it was funny because of the UFO stuff and so on... And we just changed Lake to Loch, and when you google it it's the only thing that comes up.

What sets LV apart from Mayadome? And why did you change the name? After all the core members 3 of Mayadome are also part of LV.
Teddy - I don't have to carry drums anymore - I love that... hehe. But basically I wanted to sing and be up-front. And I thought: "Hey I write this shit, and I want to be up-front". I am a pretty good front man, but I suck as a singer, but it really doesn't matter...
And it was definitely necessary to change the name, because the material is so far apart - especially the 3rd album, that never came out. That one was so fucking cheesy that I couldn't take it! A few changes were planned but that didn't work out, so we broke up.

Your new album "Destruction Time Again" has just been released. What are your expectations - what is going to happen?
Teddy - Well it's a records label, so I am not expecting anything... hehe. But I got to say in all honesty that I have been fooled by labels before, but these guys seem to have a general interest in the band, and they've been through a lot, and they know what not to do! They have always been fair to us and telling the truth. The album is going to be released all over the world and they got good distribution everywhere.

The artwork - what has inspired you there?
Teddy - Old propaganda from World War 2, not just Russian style also Italian, just old propaganda stuff.

Let's go a bit back in time - "Dark Logic" - how did that one do?
Teddy - I really don't know, but it sold like 300 copies in Russia. I think the European version sold around 1600 copies. I think that's OK on a very small label that didn't have any distribution. I think 900 copies were sold through the CDbaby website, which was pretty cool.

What's the state of metal music in Sweden at the moment?
Teddy - It's OK, it's not impossible to get gigs. Even the stores have a special metal section (again). But we are nowhere near Finland - that's a fucking metal Mecca now. If you look at the charts in Finland its metal, metal, metal, metal, Madonna, metal, metal and ... I love it! And they know how to drink to too... hehe

You've all sited King Diamond as one of your main influences, how does it feel touring with him now?
The entire band - BRILLIANT.
Teddy - When Lars from IntroMental called me up in November and asked "If you get to tour with anyone you wanted, who would that be?" King Diamond off course I said! And he's like... YEAH,YOU'RE ON!
So when we saw them setting things up and their stage set, I simply couldn't help myself and I started crying.
I have been following King Diamond since I was 13 years old, that’s 23 fucking years now, man... So it was a big fucking moment for me.
The entire band - Yeah for all of us!
Teddy - It was so cool (at the gig in Esbjerg), we stood at the merchandise stand and everyone was singing along - every single word. My neck still hurts from that evening... hehe.

One final question - do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Teddy - We do, it's so fucking silly you won't even believe it... hehe. We have 2 different one - one is we have stupid Spanish names for each one... (Jesus, Armando, Felipe, Carlito and the Greek guy!?!).
(Kind of hard to describe - listen to the interview from around 13 minutes).

That's it for us.
The entire band - Thank you.

Loch Vostok - Destruction Time Again

Album out on Escapi Music.

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