Interview with
keyboard player Michael Heck, Liquid Horizon (November 15th 2007)


How has the response been on your new album “Revolutions” and what kind of expectations do you have for it?

Michael Heck - The response is really good so far.  We get a lot of positive feedback and we are really happy about that.  You know, each band says about every new album that this is their best work so far…And so do we…  ;-) .  But seriously…it’s the most intense album we ever did and we’re really proud of it.

In case of our expectations…we hope that as much people as possible will hear and enjoy the album, our music in general. Maybe they get more familiar with LIQUID HORIZON and we hopefully see these people someday at our concerts.

If you should choose one song on the new album, which represents the essence of Liquid Horizon, which one would that be… Personally I would choose the trilogy about the French revolution, the centerpiece of the album, and one I feel captures the essence of Liquid Horizon perfectly.

Michael Heck - Exactly…  In my opinion this “ 3 – piece “  has really everything that LIQUID HORIZON stands for. Powerful guitar riffs, tight breaks, rich keyboard parts, melodic vocals and interesting lyrics. Not to forget the dynamic parts within the song(s), which builds some tension and makes it more interesting to listen to the music more than just one or two times. I hope people enjoy discovering something new in the songs after listening to it several times.

If you had to describe your music to a complete musical ignorant – what would you tell him? I call your music progressive metal somewhere in the grey zone between Savatage (old), Vanden Plas and Dream Theater.

Michael Heck - In the last few years, the word “ progressive “ is used a lot again, especially in the rock and metal scene. On one hand it’s a good thing that a lot of bands try to do a kind of special and “progressive” music. On the other hand you have to be careful not to ruin this wonderful genre of music, when every band that leaves the 4/4 – rhythm in a song for one time is immediately called a progressive-metal-Band. ;-)

I like your description of our musical grey zone. All the bands you mentioned are an influence to us, no doubt about it. We try to make a mixture out of these influences and create our on style in doing so. When this works we’re as happy as we can be...

Tell us a bit about the album art work… An Amazon warrior or…

Michael Heck - The artwork is done by a very close friend of the band. He likes our music and we like his pictures. He has also done the art work for our former CD “ Urban Legends “.
This guy loves to combine the topics “ women “ and “ swords “ in many of his pictures, haha…
He gave us the picture that became the final artwork a long time before finishing the album. Of course we knew that there’s a certain risk about a cover like this - some people think that we are a True- or Power-Metal band…. WE’RE NOT  !!!!! ;-) 

The production is good, who produced and mixed the album?

Michael Heck - We produced this album in our own studio. For the final mixing and mastering we have worked with Markus Teske this time. He has done some really great albums with Vanden Plas and worked with bands like Symphony X, Threshold or the former Dream Theater – vocalist Charlie Dominici….
I like his “Sound “ for years now and with this album we’ve had the feeling that he’s the optimal choice to get the right sound. We’re really happy about the end result. 

All of the lyrics are inspired by revolutions, why this subject and what made you choose it for an entire album?

Michael Heck - After our last Album “ Urban Legends “ we have talked about the idea to work on a concept album. We thought that it would be an interesting challenge for the band to take.

The “ Revolutions “ – topic was one of the first ones that came to our minds to write about. Everybody liked the idea and the writing went really smooth. After the first couple of songs we realized that the idea was working, and so here we are with a whole album about REVOLUTIONS… 

How did you get your name Liquid Horizon and is there strange story behind?

Michael Heck - I don’t know if the story of getting our name is a strange one… *laughs*
As we started the band back in 2000 we had to think about a name pretty fast. We’ve had a bunch of very silly names on our list…and one day, we sat down with a piece of paper and some beers and tried to find out which one would be best for the band.

At one point ( and a few beers later )  ;-)))  we had 2 names left on our list. But there was always somebody who didn’t like one of the names. So we ended up putting together half of each name we liked most to our final band name LIQUID HORIZON….This combination sounded great to us and more and more people got familiar with this name and the people and band behind it in the last, nearly 8, years.

What do you consider to be the biggest accomplishment for you personally and for Liquid Horizon?

Michael Heck - So far our biggest accomplishment for the band is the release of the REVOLUTIONS – album. Also the 2 gigs we’ve done with VANDEN PLAS or having the chance to play a small tour with former Guns ‘n Roses-drummer Steven Adler. All these are great and also important experiences for us…personally for me and for the band.

What are the strengths and where can Liquid Horizon improve?

Michael Heck - I think the chemistry in our band is a really good one. We enjoy making music together, the writing is really smooth and we also enjoy playing live together very much.

I would say that we can improve in our live performance. But it’s not so easy to do a big stage performance  when the singer has also to play guitar….But we’re working on it….. ;-)

What immediately tasks lay ahead of you, any touring plans?

Michael Heck - At this time we have 3 concerts left until the end of the year. All single shows, no tour in that sense, but we would love to do a real tour if this would be possible. Apart from the gigs we’ve started writing songs for our next album. You know….” The show must go on “. 

Name an album, person or event that has had a huge influence on your life … and why?

Michael Heck - Musically I would say that IMAGES AND WORDS from Dream Theater was really mind blowing for me, back in 1992, because I never heard such a kind of music before and since that I’m a true fan of this band. Going to as many DT-shows as possible. And I’m a member of the German DT-Fan club “ The Mirror “….(greetings to everyone there)   ;-)

As a person I would mention the guys from Vanden Plas. They are really great guys and really into their music and in all that they do. We talk to each other from time to time and maybe we do some more shows together in the future. That would be great as far as I’m concerned. 

Who were the first bands to inspire you to get into music?

Michael Heck - I guess it’s different for all of us….for me, the first major musical influence was ABBA. I also liked a lot of the stuff in the 80’s….And as I said before, the almighty “ IMAGES AND WORDS “ from DT… ;-) 

Give me your shot at some albums you’d rip for your iPod if you were to be sent to the MIR space station tonight…

Michael Heck - I personally would prefer to be shot to the ISS, because the MIR is lying in pieces on the ground of the ocean if I’m not completely wrong   *laughs*
But about the music….I would take the whole DT-discography with me for sure (including all the Live – CD’s and (official)!!!  Bootlegs)….Then also a lot of the good 80’s – stuff and some records of a band I’ve discovered recently….PAGAN’S MIND... 

Which album(s) have put a big smile on your face and has made you bang your head in the past year?

Michael Heck - Again I have to say Dream Theater….  ;-) - “Systematic Chaos” is one of my albums of the year 2007. Also “Fear of the Blank Planet” from PORCUPINE TREE….and….not to forget…Also a big musical highlight for me this year…..”Revolutions” from LH….   ;-))) 

I thank you very much for participating in this interview and sharing this information and your thoughts with us - these last lines are entirely for you. Any final words you would like to round off with?

Michael Heck - Thank you for the Interview….It was a pleasure…..
And to everybody out there I would like to say that I hope that many of you are checking out our songs at our website, or at our Myspace-site… / 

And… Visit one of our shows if possible! We’ll see you there….. Spread the word of LIQUID HORIZON…..and…..ROCK THE PLANET !!!!! 

All the best….

Interviewed by Kenn Jensen.


Liquid Horizon - Revolutions

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