Interview with Søren Pedersen (vocals & guitars), Lipid (November 14th 2006)

Hi, first off all I just want to congratulate you on your new album 'Deliver us from Evil'. Are you satisfied with it?
Søren - Absolutely, I think it’s the best we have done so far.  

Please tell the readers where you come from, and when you was formed and how you got your name LIPID.
Søren -  We come from Vejle, Denmark, and were formed in the middle of the 90es, from 2 other local bands. At that time Martin (drummer) was studying physics, and had learned that Lipid meant human fat, we thought it sounded pretty cool, and none of us was supermodel slim, so we took the name mostly as a joke, but it has stuck to us since.

Where do you see the main difference between your debut album, 'Hagridden' (2003) and your new album?
Søren - Some of the songs on 'Hagridden' were 5 years old when they were released, all songs on 'Deliver us from Evil' are more or less new songs.  

The production is f*****g powerful and done by Jacob Hansen and Tommy Hansen. How did you get in touch with them?
Søren - We have always used Jacob as producer, but he didn’t have the time when we were ready to finish the album, so Tommy took over, and he created the coolest sound I’ve ever heard on a LIPID recording.

In what words would you describe the music and moods of LIPID for someone that has not heard you yet?
Søren - Bay area thrash, with more brutal sound I guess, I think he must read some reviews to get a clearer picture (maybe on this site, if it’s a good one).

What are your influences and which CDs are in your player at the moment?
Søren - Megadeth - 'Peace Sells', is on my player at the moment, beside that I almost only listen to metal from the 80's, but I don’t think you can hear that on 'Deliver us from Evil'.  

The internet has gotten a quite ill reputation with mp3-files available nearly everywhere. Do you see the opportunity of getting sound files of bands off the internet as a chance for bands or rather as a threat to their existence?
Søren - We are not selling millions of albums, so I don’t really care, but I do understand, that bigger bands are sick and tired of people stealing there music.

The five most important metal albums of all times, please!

Søren - 

  • Metallica - Master of Puppets
  • Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry
  • W.A.S.P.  - Live in the Raw
  • Slayer - South of Heaven
  • Dio - The Last in Line

very difficult question, but among many others, this is some of the most important albums to me.  

What tasks presently lie ahead for LIPID?
Søren - Promoting the new album, and playing some gigs.

What would you say to a potential fan to convince him to buy a LIPID CD instead of something else?
Søren - Lipid is metal, the way metal was meant to be, so don’t waste your money, buy LIPID first.  

Well, that’s it! Thanks a lot for the interview. Anything you’d like to add to our head banging readers?
Søren -  Hope to see you around, stay heavy

Interviewed by Peter Laursen

Lipid - Deliver us from Evil

Album available on Copro Records.

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