Interview with Chris Impellitteri, Impellitteri  (April 5, 2005)

Are you satisfied with "Pedal To The Metal" ?
Chris: I am satisfied with "Pedal To The Metal".
If the music of Impellitteri was an emotion, which one would it be?
Chris: Happiness and Anger.
What bands Inspire you to write music
Chris:  On "Pedal To The Metal" I paid tribute to many of my favorite bands ranging from the current metal scene all the way back to the British metal invasion.
On the original side. Ozzy Osbourne "Blizzard Of Oz" cd and first Van Halen cd, combined with Al Dimeola, Yngwie, Schenker etc - all the way to the new modern metal bands like Disturbed, Korn, In Flames, Soilwork and the current Swedish metal scene. In fact, about 30% of the new cd has sounds very similar to these other bands, except we combined American melody and guitar solos with their rythym patterns. It was a pretty crazy experiment, but I think it has a really cool combination of American metal and Swedish metal, and a great combination of the Present and Past.

Do you play live alot to get this very cohesive sound or how do you do it?
Chris:  We do play live in the U.S. and Japan. We also are in the studio alot playing, so we are pretty tight sounding.
How would you compare "Pedal To The Metal" to "System X" and what are the main evolutions and changes for you?
Chris:  They are two completely different cd's - "System X" is a reunion cd with Graham Bonnet that has a lot of focus on shredding guitar solos and traditional hard rock.
In contrast "Pedal To The Metal" celebrates 3 generations of metal. It is 70% original Impellitteri and about 30% tribute to other music scenes. Also the focus is more on the music and less on the technical soloing. However, there are definate moments of shredding solos.
Will you be shooting any videos for Pedal to the metal
Chris:  Yes I believe we will be shooting two videos soon.
Which one was your best gig and which one was your worst?
Chris:  Best gig I think was San Jose California outside of San Fransisco. Between 3000 or 5000 people were just screaming for IMPELLITTERI, it was great.
Worst gig, Ibanez namm show. I was basically chemically induced (Like Heroin). And I could barely walk, I could not even play the guitar. It was a very valuable lesson. Ever scince I have been very healthy and I play great live.
Whats your most embarissing and funniest experience?
Chris:  I already pointed out the most embarrissing on the previous question. The funniest thing that ever happened on tour. We were playing in Tokyo and we went on stage with the fans screaming and we started to play only to find out our soundman was in the bathroom.
What are your plans now that the new album is out?
Chris: To listen to it and tour!
Which music do you personally listen to at home?
Chris: I listen to everything from metal to pop.
If you had one sentence to convince somebody of IMPELLITTERI and to buy "Pedal To The Metal" what would you say?
If you want to have a good time check out "Pedal To The Metal". The cd covers many really great styles of heavy metal music. It is like going to the Oz Fest and seeing ten different bands, with the exception there are Impellitter shredding solos and screaming Curtis Skelton vocals.
As far as Impellitteri. We are a band that love playing music. Some fans love us others hate us. You can be the judge!

I wonder, if you might make a all-time albums top 5?

1) Van Halen - 1
2) Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Oz
3) Van Halen - Fair Warning
4) Impellitteri - Black EP  (first record ever made)
5) Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman
What is your favourite question about Impelliteri that you haven't been asked yet, but would still like to answer?
Chris:  I will let you know when I figure that out?
Chris Impellitteri 

Impellitteri - Pedal To The Metal

Album out on Steamhammer Records.

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