Interview with Peter Lyse Hansen, HateSphere (September 22, 2005)

Danish band HateSphere have created themselves a name in the European metal scene with their professionally executed live shows in support of e.g. Exodus, Morbid Angel and Kreator as well as on many a European festival over the past two years. With their fourth full-length release, “The Sickness Within”, the band is set to crush all resistance. 

Thomas put a few questions to Peter from HateSphere.

Thomas: You have a new strong release out, you are probably the best live band in Denmark , perhaps even in Europe , the German music press worships you – is 2005 going to be the year of Hatesphere? Are times hectic for you now?
I hope that this year and the following years will be successful for us. I think, we have a very good album coming out, have some great tours and more to come and a good record company to back us up. On top of that all in the band want to push it as far, as we can, so we will work hard to make it happen! And times are hectic right now but also very exciting. Next weekend will be the last weekend off for us until Christmas, two tours and a lot of DK-gigs will be coming up here in the fall.

Thomas: “The Sickness Within” is your second release on Steamhammer. Do you get the support you want? Can you feel the difference from Scarlet?
HateSphere: The support is great from SPV/Steamhammer. They know what to do to make their bands heard. The difference from Scarlet is very big, we now have lots of professional people working for us, good promotion, excellent distribution and many big tours coming up.

Thomas: I know that this is a bit premature, but how do you see yourself advancing from now on? When the tours following “The Sickness Within” have ended and new material must be written – do you think we will see a different style from Hatesphere or will you stick to the metalcore/old-skool thrash recipe?
HateSphere: We will most definitely stick to our roots, no question about that. We will never change our music drastically, we haven´t done it so far, and we wont do it in the future. We will keep evolving and make the best music possible, and we will also change our music from album to album but the roots will always be death thrash metal. Like now we like to incorporate different sounds in our music but only as a contrast to the more brutal and “typical” parts, he he.

Thomas: Speaking of old-skool…who would you site as your main influences (and I have a feeling that Exodus and Suicidal Tendencies will be part of the answer)?
HateSphere: Actually for me none of those bands will be main influences. Exodus is good thrash but not my main influence. If I want thrash I more go for bands like Testament and Forbidden. Suicidal Tendencies are great but musicwise I am more inspired by the American death metal and the old hard rock scene. I don´t know, if you can hear that in the music though, hehe. Other bands must be Type O Negative and Anathema. New bands that has inspired me will most definitely be Nevermore and maybe Dream Theater…….

Thomas: You just supported Korn for their Copenhagen gig. Are you fans of Korn at all? Or was this just a job that you couldn’t say no to?
HateSphere: Well, we saw the job with Korn as a great opportunity to play in front of a lot of potential HateSphere fans that normally wouldn’t come to our shows. We played in front of almost 3000 people, and the atmosphere was really amazing. The audience went nuts, and didn’t just stand and watched. It was good to see that many fans coming not only to see Korn but also being open to see some HateSphere! On top of that it is always exciting to play with such a big and legendary band. And Korn is actually one of the modern bands that we like, not everything that they have done but some of it. So it wasn’t just “business” for us, we really looked forward to the gig. And you can say that it was a job that we just couldn’t have said no to… that would have been very stupid too!

Thomas: Where do you find the energy for your intense live performances? The four or five times I’ve seen you tear shit up, the show has always been equally in-your-face, even when the crowd was less than lukewarm. A lot of bands could learn from this…
HateSphere: Thank you, it’s good to hear that our live performance gets into people!! We love playing live, and I think that people can spot that right away. On top of that we have no intentions of just standing still on stage and concentrating on playing 100% correct… that wouldn’t fit our music. Our music is filled with aggression and energy, and you are bound to move when you play it, hehe…. And when you listen to it as well!!! We love the interactions with the audience, and then we like to have fun on stage… that makes everything much more relaxing!!

Thomas: You’ve toured all around Europe now. Have you noted big differences between the crowds in the countries you’ve visited? Are there crowds that seem more dedicated to metal music than others?
HateSphere: You can feel that some countries don’t have metal concerts every second day! That means that when there is a show they show up and are dedicated! Some other countries simply have too many concerts, and therefore you can’t be sure to fill the venues at every show… people have to have money to it all, you know! But the mentality also changes from country to country. Here in Denmark it is not normally that you show up two or three hours before the show starts but if you move further down south in Europe it’s very normal to be in front of the venue several hours before the beginning of the show. That means that the opening band usually plays in front of a lot of people… if the doors are opened at time, that is!!!!

Thomas: Do any of the band members have families – and if yes, how has the response been to the massive touring schedules?
HateSphere: Mikael, our bassplayer, has got a son, and Anders, our drummer, has a little daughter coming up here very shortly! Of course you have to take care of your family but I think that they have been really understanding… until now, hehe! We try to make a living out of playing music, and that demands a lot of touring! So you can say that this is in one way our jobs, so we have to deal with it!

Thomas: Give us one of your most far out tour stories. We love gossip…
HateSphere: Well, I can just tell you about this recent festival called Up from the Ground, where we played together with our good friends in Mnemic. I don’t know what happened (our theory is that someone put something in our drinks!) but after the show we simply can´t remember anything… beside from what Heinz, our other guitarist, has told us, because he was the only one sober that night! Jacob, vocals, entered the stage during Mnemics set and tried to steel their booze, which caused him several punches from their singer Michael… and during their signing session he also visited and stole the attention… by climbing up on the table and make everyone start screaming “HateSphere, HateSphere…”… I don’t know if Mnemic liked it, he he,

Thomas: Hatesphere, Illdisposed, Mnemic, Mercenary, Exmortem, Raunchy – the list of Danish bands that have become names recognised outside the local Danish metal scene is longer than it has ever been – why now? Could it be because of healthy competition among the bands? Do you sense a greater degree of professionalism in the local scene now compared to e.g. five years ago?
HateSphere: Yes, I think it has something to do with the mentality of the bands. I think many Danish bands needed to see that it was possible to make themselves heard outside of Denmark. Suddenly HateSphere and Mnemic toured a lot, and people saw that it could pay off if you just worked hard with it! Now suddenly every bigger label has got a Danish band on their rooster, and more bands go on good tours. When it was a quality sign to be from Sweden before, it is suddenly now also a quality sign to come from Denmark.

Thomas: I know that Jacob is also playing the guitar in Barcode, but are any of the others exercising their musical muscles outside Hatesphere?
HateSphere: Yes, Heinz has got his death metal monster, Koldborn, which has just recorded their second full length album with Jacob producing it by the way!

Thomas: Do you receive fan mail? Any wackos among them?
HateSphere: We receive quite a lot fan mail, also through our forum and guestbook on the website. Actually most of them are very normal people but of course we sometimes get some crazy fan mails, he he! It is a very cool thing as a band to receive fan mail and to talk with the fans on that way. It is cool to know that your music is appreciated.

Thomas: What this thing with the AGF (Danish football team) tribute song on your website? What’s the story behind it?
HateSphere: One night when Jacob was out drinking he by coincidence ran into the leader of the AGF Fan Club who beside from that also is a die hard HateSphere fan! He told that he had this project with a tribute album to the club, and he wanted us to be a part of it. Jacob knew that both me and Anders, drums, are die hard fans, so he of course said yes. Then we simply wrote a song, Anders wrote some very cool lyrics and we then recorded it. It was released last year in September, and was celebrated with a cool release party here in Aarhus where we had both national TV and the manager and coach from the team coming.

Thomas: You’re going to spend six months on a desert island. Which five CD’s would you bring along?
HateSphere: Mötley Crüe “Dr. Feelgood”, Def Leppard “Hysteria”, Nevermore “Dead heart in a dead world”, Type O Negative “Bloody kisses”, Morgoth “Odium”.

Thomas: Any famous final words?
HateSphere: Thank you for the interview, and thanks to all the fans out there supporting us. For those not having heard us yet, go check out the new album “The Sickness Within” which will be released on September 26th and visit our webpage for both tourdates, our new video and lots more.

See you all on the road,

Peter / HateSphere

HateSphere - The Sickness Within

Album out on Steamhammer.

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