Interview with Pete Ahonen, Ghost Machinery (February 17, 2005)

Congratulations on "Haunting Remains" it's a great album. Are you satisfied with it?
Pete - Thank you : ) yes I am very happy with the debut album.

What’s the story behind Ghost Machinery?
Pete - I had a few songs, that didn't fit Burning Point, but I thought, that they were too good to be missed and I wanted to record them. I contacted couple of my friends (Jussi and Tapsa) and asked them, if they would be interested to help me out to record the songs and they were : ) In the end the 5 track (“Ghosts In The Castle”) cd sounded so cool, that I wanted to start hunting a record deal and here we are…

How would you describe your music for an outsider?
Pete - Very melodic heavy metal!

Are there any plans for a Ghost Machinery tour?
Pete - We are doing shows here in Finland in the Spring, but at this point not any gigs outside Finland…. We'll see what the future brings :)

With which band(s) would you like to tour, if you had the choice?
Pete - It really doesn't matter to me, but maybe something from the same “genre".

Where do you see the biggest difference between Ghost Machinery and Burning Point?
Pete - I think, that Ghost Machinery brings forward more of my AOR influences and always will be more keyboard oriented, than Burning Point. Burning Point has a more “aggressive” sound, but it is definitively not “pop” metal, that we play with Ghost Machinery : ) 

Even though you play in a pretty much populated genre, you still manage to sound like, well, Ghost Machinery. Where do you see your influences?
Pete - I pick something from the 80`s and something from the modern heavy metal and mixed it up. That is the recipe.

If the music of Ghost Machinery was an emotion, which one would it be?
Pete - Anger, happines, sadness and joy, all in one : )

What is your favorite song of "Haunting Remains", and why?
Oh no, I really can't answer this one, heh. I love them all!

Can we expect a follow-up to "Haunting Remains"?
Pete - Yes, I have almost written the second album already and I think, that we're going to the studio sometime in the Summer.

Which album would you wish were yours?
Pete - Any metal album, that has sell like millions and millions of copies : )

What is your opinion of hard rock and metal at the moment? Do you see any future for it?
Pete - There are lots of great metal bands rising and I think, that the metal music is never going to die!

The internet is a very important source for many metal fans – how do you use the internet and how important is it for you and other new bands?
Pete - Internet brought us metal bands to a much wider audience and I think it is very important thing. It is much easier for the fans to get contact with the band etc. But of course there are those people, who download all the music from the net and don't buy the cd's : (  Not a good thing….

What do you listen to at home?
Pete - I am a huge cd “junkie” and maybe you can call me a some kind of collector too, so the list would be endless : )  Firewind, Silent Force and the new Masterplan cd are the recent ones I purchased.

What would you do, if you weren't able to compose music?
Pete - I haven't thought about it….

I wonder, if you might make a all-time albums Top 5 to finish things off?

Pete - 

  • Everything from Yngwie Malmsteen

  • Everything from Accept

  • Everything from Judas Priest

  • Everything from At Vance

  • Everything from Gamma Ray

Heh Heh, I'm very sorry, but I'm not good at making these “top “ lists… : )

Thank you, for taking your time to answer my questions. And I wish you all the best in the future. /Peter,

Pete - Thank you for the questions and take care Peter. Talk to you in the future.

Ghost Machinery - Haunting Remains

Album out on Sound Riot Records.

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