Interview with Tommy Denander from the Melodic Rock project, Frederiksen - Denander (June 19th, 2007)


First of all congratulations with "Baptism by Fire". You have released a very good Melodic Rock album in my humble opinion. Are you satisfied with the result?

Tommy: Thanks a lot! It means a lot to us to hear that. Both I and Fergie feel very good about the album but we also feel we have so much

more to give in the future so it's only the start of much more.


In what words would you describe the music and moods of "Baptism by Fire" for someone that has not heard the album yet?

Tommy: I would call it double bass drum polka jazz with deep dance beats ha ha... NOT!! :-)... If you're a fan of Toto's Isolation, the first 2 Giant CD's, early Van Halen and just high quality melodic rock you can't go wrong with this album I think! And if you're a fan of Fergie's great voice you will absolutely love this album cause it's Fergie at his best!!!


Where did you record "Baptism by Fire"?

Tommy: Most of the album was recorded in my studio THE HIT MEN in Stockholm and most of the vocals were recorded in Minneapolis but we travelled to Los Angeles and recorded some vocals there and Steve Porcaro plus Michael Thompson did their parts in their

own studios in LA, Dennis Ward mixed the album in Germany.


How long did it take from you to write and get the material completed before entering the studio?

Tommy: This album took a long time to do for various reasons so we spent 3 years from start to finish...the next one will only take 2 years ha ha…


Where any songs scratched during the writing/recording process?

Tommy: Yes... during the last 6 months I felt that 5 songs didn't hold up to the standard in my opinion so we wrote 5 new and much better songs which I am very happy about!


Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?

Tommy: It's my dear friend Andre "Monowasp" Beckston and I absolutely love his work... he is absolutely brilliant and has a deep passion for his work, he also understands what an album looks like... pictures that matches the sound. He did my last Radioactive album and has done many other great covers for Journey, TNT, Avalon etc.

The artwork is just as important to me as the music and the lyrics, it's all one big product and I hate how CD's compared to LP's has ruined artwork plus I don't get people who download and miss the booklets...

Our cover is in ways a tribute to the loss of my and Fergie's fathers, the signs above the doors are their births years...


Can we expect a follow-up to "Baptism by Fire?

Tommy: Absolutely, Fergie will do a solo album first and then we will start on another.


How do you feel about the co-operation with your label?

Tommy: Absolutely great to work with!!!...most other AOR labels are pretty crappy these days but Frontiers are very good... at least to me ha ha...


How do you feel about the Melodic Rock scene at the moment?

Tommy: After its big period in the 80's it's become smaller and smaller, these days it's a VERY small scene and any artist or band who thinks they can make it big, better wake up quick ha ha....I do most of my world in the "real" music world and most of the people I meet there say "what is that music still around"....there are still many great albums being made by fantastic bands like Toto, House Of Lords, Slamer etc but except for Toto, Journey and maybe one other act none sell a lot of albums... I do it for the love of the music and make my big money from doing pop and other commercial music.


Which five albums would you bring on your iPod to a deserted island?

Tommy: Kiss "Destroyer", Toto "4", Fee Waybill "Read My Lips", Van Halen "1" and a photo album with pictures of everyone I love :)...


What's next on the agenda for Frederiksen and Denander?

Tommy: A ton of interviews and start working on more projects.


Well. that's it. Thank you so much for the interview. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans and the readers of

Tommy: It's me and Fergie who thank you for your time and support.

None of what we do matters if we don't have the love and support of our fans...we are your humble servants and our best way of thanking you is to try our best to keep making great albums.




Interviewed by Peter Laursen


Frederiksen - Denander: Baptism by Fire

Album available on Frontiers Records

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