Interview with Chity, Firewind (December 17, 2004)

Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album "Forged By Fire".

1. How does it feel to have a new album out? And what do you expect fromthis album?

Chity: It's fantastic have this album out and we only wish that people will dig more about Firewind in the near future :-) 

2. And what's the biggest difference between this album and your last one "Burning Earth"?

Chity: Very simple, we work as a band now and of course my vocals also changed the style of the band, I hope it's ok among the older fans :-)

3. To new listeners could you please tell the story behind Firewind?

Chity: Firewind is a power metal band hailing from Greece with New Generation guitar Hero Gus G :-)

4. Do you guys have a fascination for fire - it appears a lot in your songs and in your bandname? 

Chity: Well it's ass kicking word :-) hahahahaha... so that why we use it hahahaha :o)))

5. How has your new album been received by the media?

Chity: We have been already on the National Top 100 in Japan and so far the reviews are very good and we are happy about it :-)

6. This is your (Chity Somapala) first album with Firewind, what's your feelings about taking over from Stephen Frederick?

Chity: It was a great challange, but still more to go ... I will always try my best :-)

7. With members from Greece, Sri Lanka and Norway - is this a full time band or a project?

Chity: Full time band.

8. And how do you write songs? I mean do you have band practise or is it by mail ... fill us in?

Chity: We do write songs, when we meet each other and we do rehearse a week before our shows and of course each one does some individual practices at home and afterwards we polish the songs in our rehearsal room.

9. Who or what inspires you when you write lyrics?

Chity: Politics ... 'cos it's really unfair most of the time, and for me it's easier to express myself using this theme.

10. Who has inspired you guys musically?

Chity: Many many bands! Difficult to say :-)

11. Who has produced the album and where have you recorded it?

Chity: It's produced by Gus G and we did record the guitars/bass/keyboards in Thessaloniki,  Greece and vocals were recorded in Germany, drums in Norway and the album was mixed with Fredrik Nordstrom in Sweden.

12. The "fire-eagle" on the cover - does it represent anything? And who has done the artwork?

Chity: It was done by  a Japanese artist ... if i'd focus on the cover, I would suggest that the Fire Eagle could be our new band/concept, which is coming out of the vulcano :-), maybe the artist had another idea :-)

13. Any plans for you to support the album live on tour?

Chity: We gotta wait and see how things are coming our way and definietely we'd like to go on tour :-)

14. You have a new and improved homepage and are surely aware of the importance of having one. How important is it for an underground band to have a good and updated homepage?

Chity: We did a new layout because we all got sick of the old one and internet/homepages are always important for everyone in my honest opinion.

15. And how do you see the metal scene at the moment?

Chity: Very Dark hahahahahaah (just kidding) I guess still it's in the underground (the metal I'm talking about) :-)

16. I wonder, if you might make a all-time albums Top 5 to finish things off?


  • Billy Joel - 52nd Street

  • Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengance

  • Black Sabbath - all with DIO and TONY MARTIN era

  • Andreas Vollenweider - All

  • Elton John - Yellow Brick Road

Thank you :-) Keep the faith in METAL :-)

Thanx Chity - and look out for their brand new album: "Forged By Fire"!

Firewind - Forged By Fire

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