Interview with Stefan, Falconer  (April 26, 2005)

Tell us a few things about the group; How did you meet? And when?
Stefan -
Me and Karsten have known each other since 1992 I think just before he started in Mithotyn. The rest of the members have come through time. I started Falconer as a solo project in 1999, the only remaining members since the first album are me and Karsten. The 2 newest members are Jimmy and Magnus, who joined the band about 10 months ago and have really taken the band to the next level.

Tell us about the recording of “Grime vs. Grandeur”; Where did you record it? Who was the producer? Are you satisfied with the final result?
Stefan -
It went just fine besides from the usual computer fuckups in the beginning. We felt more focused for this album, both in writing and recording. The only thing that was a bit irritating was that we didn't have time to record the acoustic ballad we had in mind. It just has to wait until the next album. This time Andy LaRocque left me and Kristoffer to engineer parts of the recording; it was both fun and also a good chance for old and new members to get to know each other, making it feel like a complete unity working together. So you could say, that we 3 produced the album.

To what subjects do the lyrics of Falconer refer to, and who writes them? Who writes to music?
Stefan -
I write almost all music, for the first time I don't write everything. Kristoffer wrote both music and lyrics to “Jack The Knife” He also wrote about a third of the other lyrics, the rest I did. The lyrics now are about society, opinions, politics and feelings.

“Grime vs. Grandeur” is your fourth album for Metal Blade, how did you secure the deal? And are you satisfied with their work?
Stefan -
I can't complain with Metal Blade. Of course you can always find things, that could improve, but I think, that they do a really great job. We got the deal partly because I used to be in Mithotyn and Metal Blade wanted to sign them, but I told them, that I had started a new band called Falconer. When they had listened to the demo they signed us.

Please tell our readers what kind of music Falconer plays, and what are your influences?
Stefan -
I would say that Falconer plays melodic Heavy Metal. I don’t know if I’m that influenced anymore by bands. I tend to listen less and less to music for some reason. But in the past I think I was influenced by Jethro Tull, Rainbow, Mike Oldfield, Iron Maiden etc. I think it still has left its scars is my sense so to speak. Because of them we sound as we do, although it’s more indirect nowadays.

Are there any plans for a Falconer tour?
Stefan -
Hopefully a tour in the late fall will happen.

I know that “Grime vs. Grandeur” has just been released, but how are the reactions so far?
Stefan -
So far almost all people think its way better than “Sceptre….” And that's good because I think, that that album should have been better than it is. Some people even think it's the best we've done, just as I think. Some people of course just look backward and want us to sound as we did on the first album.

Who have done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?
Stefan -
No way. It's Jan Meininghaus as usual who has done it. I think the cover is quite important, a great cover gets more interest than a bad. It should also be visible what kind of music it is and what you can expect from both music and lyrics.

Can we expect a vinyl release of “Grime vs. Grandeur”?
Stefan -
Ask Metal Blade, I'm sure they will say that it's not lucrative to do a vinyl release. I would love to have it as a picture vinyl though.

What do you think of the metal scene of today?
Stefan -
Uninteresting. I prefer the 70's and 80's bands. More originality and variety.

Please give me a list of your 5 favorite albums of all time.
Stefan - 

  • Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell
  • Jethro Tull – Heavy Horses
  • Rainbow – Rainbow Rising
  • Iron Maiden – Seventh son Of The Seventh Son
  • Guns 'n' Roses – Appetite For Destruction
Add if you like any final words to our readers.
Stefan - Sell your copies of “Sceptre…” and go by this new album instead, you will not be disappointed. Hopefully we can come your ways sometime in the fall and convince you otherwise. Cheers to you all.

Thanks for your time, hope to see you on tour.

Falconer - Grimes vs. Grandeur

Album out on Metal Blade Records.

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