Interview with Kosta Papazoglon, Eyefear (October 21, 2004)

1. Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album "9 Elements Of Inner Vision". How does it feel to finally have an album out in all the World? 

Con - Thank you, it feels fantastic. Although we have been around for a while it all feels new. We have a great label in Massacre and management in Intromental looking after us and most importantly a very stable line up.

2. To new fans could your please fill us in on the history behind it all?

Con - Well, Eyefear have been around now for 10 years. Unfortunately though line up changes have really put a hold on the band in the past. We recorded our first album back in 95 titled "Edge Of Existence" and an ep titled "Dawn Ö A New Beginning" in 98.  Both were independent releases but EDGE really got us a lot of attention, but line up problems probably cost us from getting a deal earlier and getting our music out to the people. As for "9 Elements", itís an album we are really proud of. We started recording early 2002 and finished early 2004. With the new album which we have already started writing, it definitely wonít take as long to record and release.  

3. What are your expectations for the new album?

Con - Not sure to tell you the truth. We have had some fantastic response from the media, but you never know just how the public will take to it.

4. How has your new album been received by the media?

Con - We released a 3 track promo, which we sent out to media and labels, which was only roughly mixed and the responses especially from the media was amazing. You are actually the first, to do a review for the finished product!!!!!

5. When I listen your music, I think of it as old US metal with bands like Lethal and Deadly Blessing springing to mind - have you been influenced by stuff like this? And how would you describe your music yourself?

Con - Not really, from the US I am more influenced by the Death Metal scene especially from the late 80s to early 90s era. Although I do like bands like Symphony X, Nevermore, Zero Hour just to name a few. I find it very hard to describe our music. Because I am influenced by some many styles of METAL. I think that our music has a bit of everything. It is heavy, progressive, melodic, fast, slow. I look at it like a road that has a lot of twists and turns.

6. Sadly I don't have a lyric-sheet, so I have to ask you about what topics you deal with lyrically? And what influences you when you write lyrics?

Con - Our lyrics are mainly about feelings and emotions we all feel in some way or another. The purest of emotions I guess. Rob actually writes the majority of the lyrics, but usually especially myself I get inspired by our music.

7. On the album you have re-arranged and re-recorded 2 out the 3 tracks off your "Dawn - A New beginning." EP, but have left out "Evermore" - why? And how do you feel about the new versions compared to the old ones?

Con - Originally only "Illumination Fades" was suppose to be on "9 Elements" because it was a fairly new song. The "Dawn" ep was recorded because we wanted to show how the new line up would sound with both old and new material. "Dawn (A New Beginning)" was a last minute inclusion on "9 Elements" only because Danny and Sam really liked the song and gave it a new lease of life. I am sure those that will hear them now will tell you that they sound so much better compared to the old versions, which were a little lifeless.

8. The album was recorded in Australia (produced by Endel River), but has been mixed in Sweden by Andy LaRocque - how did this co-operation come about?

Con - It was supposed to be mixed by Endel originally, but we felt that we wouldnít quite get the mix we were looking for. I really liked what Andy LaRocque had done with the Evergrey, so I got in touch with him and asked if he would be interested in mixing our material. I sent him a couple of tracks to see what he could come up with and he got back to me with the same vision as we had. A big yet clean sounding mix. I flew over to Sweden and mixed it with him. It was quite an experience.

9. How do you feel about the end-result of your album?

Con - Itís exactly what we wanted. Everything from the the whole production, the artwork and the songs of course. We wouldnít change a thing. The only thing we probably would have liked is maybe spent a couple of more days on the mix. But thatís probably getting a bit too fussy.

10. Mattias Norťn has done the arkwork - I think it's great - what's the idea behind the cover concept? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?

Con - The story behind the cover is a pretty simple concept. Itís basically about being torn between the darkest of emotions and tranquillity (peace of mind). Cover art work is an important tool for a band because it gives the fans just that little extra when they buy a CD. You canít download off the net a good cover and booklet!!!!

11. Any chance you might tour Europe - or maybe the Festival scene in Europe next year?

Con - I guess that all has to do with how well the album goes. We would love to of course. With all the music piracy on the net these days it does make it harder for a band so far away from Europe. At the end of the day itís up to the fans to support not only EYEFEAR but the rest of the METAL scene.

12. "9 Elements Of Inner Vision" is your first album on Massacre Records - what are your expectations for the co-operation with them?

Con - Massacre have been fantastic to us and we really look forward to working with them on our next album. They are a big label with a great reputation and they have shown a lot of faith in our music. Itís very important to have that sort of support.

13. The internet is a very important source for many metal fans - how do you use the internet and how important is it for you and other bands?

Con - The internet has been a fantastic tool for all bands to get closer to the fans. Unfortunately though some people have abused it and although they donít realise it they are killing the scene.

14. When people are talking about Aussie metal, all they know is AC/DC, but how do you see the scene at the moment?

Con - We have a great scene especially here in Melbourne. Bands like Black Majesty and Without End are cool bands and close friends of ours and are both signed. Then there is Enter Twilight, who you should look out for next year as they have just finished recording their debut CD and it sounds killer. Then there is Vanishing Point and Pegazus, whom I am sure you all know. We have had a lot of international bands tour the past few years and they are quite surprised as to how strong the scene is over here.

15. To finish things off, could you pls. make a Top 5 over the 5 albums, that have had the biggest impact on you?

Con - This is so hard, but here goes. 

1. King Diamond - Them
2. Death - Spiritual Healing
3. Evergrey - Recreation Day
4. Kreator - Extreme Aggression
5. Memento Mori - La Dance Macabre

16. And a fun Top 5: Aussie beers?

There can only be one MATE!!! VB (Victoria Bitter)

Con, guitars, EYEFEAR

Thanx mate, I just love their new album, and I am sure it'll please quite a few metal heads out there as well ... support the undeground!

Eyefear - 9 Elements Of Inner Vision

Album on Massacre Records.

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