Interview with James Fogarty, Ewigkeit (October 10, 2005)

British Ewigkeit released the album “Conspiritus” by the end of August this year. The album is an exploration of a variety of musical styles, from techno over Pink Floyd to good old metal. Ewigkeit is the solo-project of one James Fogarty.’s Thomas Nielsen put a few questions to James.

Thomas: James, since I received the promotional copy of ”Conspiritus” a while back, it has enjoyed heavy rotation on my car stereo and on the hi-fi because of its intriguing and  intelligent blend of pop, folk, techno, rock and metal. The promotional material mentions both black metal and former KLF members…what is this all about? What is your background? Has Ewigkeit always been a one-man effort?
Hi - yeah, Ewigkeit has always been just me (apart from some aborted attempts at playing live with a "band") I started out doing Death metal incorporating ambience, samples & keyboards, which was inspired by a lot of early 90s Black metal (I recorded a few Black Metal albums with other projects).  In 2003 I joined the newly formed "blacksmoke organisation", which included James Cauty, who was the music behind the KLF/Kfoundation and was also a former member of The Orb.

Thomas: You seem to be fairly outspoken in terms of your political opinions. It’s obvious, if not from the “Conspiritus” album, then at least from your website, that you’re moving along leftist lines. Are you politically active as well as a musician?
You know, you are the first person to accuse me of being leftists - in the past, ignorant morons have accused me of being right-wing (probably because Ewigkeit is a german word - but then, that sounds like they're being racist/xenophobic) I would say that I personally see all politics as a tool by which to manipulate the mases - eft or Right, they are both the hands of the same monster.  I would perhaps say that I am a humanist with a bias towards an idealistic communal society (which will NEVER happen - I am a cynic too ;-) ).

Thomas: Do you see your music as a tool that can make people aware of some of the wrong turns that we’re taking right now politically and socially?
Well, I have been asked this - basically, all I can say is that I fully realise that a record released on an independant metal label isn't going to change the world - but if it intrigues a few of the listeners to investigate the horror of global conspiracy themselves, then it may well change their "perception" of the world as we know it, yes.

Thomas: You live in Brighton on the south coast of England. It’s not exactly the capitol of, well, any kind of music. Do you enjoy the sight of the piers or is there a different story behind this?
I was born here, and my roots are in this god-forsaken town. I am pretty much stuck here.  For all it's bad points, I still love it here though. In past years, Brighton ws mainly associated with the whole "big beat" scene (Fat Boy Slim and all that crap), but more recently it has be known for rock bands.  Metal is not really big down here, and anyway - I keep away from any groups of people who are bonded by music/fashion baa.. baa...

Thomas: This is your second release on the Earache label. How has the collaboration been between you and the label?
Well, whatever happens, I will always be writing and recording music for Ewigkeit.  If Earache want to distribute that music and sell it, then that is great.  I have no aspirations to be a "rock star" like members of some other bands on the label, and the music scene in general.

Thomas: Where is the fascinating sample used in the “Conspiritus” track “Transcend the Senses” taken from? Who’s the man behind the voice?
The man behind the voice is his holiness Mahatma Ghandi.  It is a recital recorded in the 1920's - in the original, he is talking about the existance of God.  In the "Transcend the senses" version, he is talking about a global conspiracy and how to defeat it (passive aggresion).  Thank heavens for the wonders of editing !!

Thomas: Let’s play a wee association game. What do you think when I say…

George Orwell?
Animal Farm

Queensr˙che – Operation: Mindcrime?
an album I have never heard, nor was aware of till I read some reviews of Conspiritus!

Pink Floyd: The Wall?
James: Genius

George W. Bush?

Thomas: What’s your take on the British metal scene right now? Who deserves credit in your view?
I don't follow it - and when I say that, I really do truthfully mean that every time I look at the magazines, I haven't heard of 50% of the bands.

Thomas: Six months on a deserted island – which five CD’s do you regret that you didn’t bring along?
Black Sabbath - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", Pink Floyd - "Wish you were here", KLF - Chill Out, Paul McKenna - "alleviate Stress" & the soundtrack too "Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure"

Thomas: Any famous final words?
These are unlikley to be my last words, let alone famous !  I wil merely say that you should question why no photographic evidence exists for a plane hitting the Pentagon on the 11th of September 2001, and then follow the bread-trail all the way back to 1776...  And then look at the state the world is in right now...  

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