Interview with Titta Tani, DGM (November 24, 2004)

1. Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album "Misplaced". Your second on Scarlet Records, how does it feel to finally have a new album out?

Titta - Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much, we are really excited about the huge feedback from the media and our incredible fans from whole the world, who like the cd a lot and that the best price for us  - the efforts done through these years and we would like to thanx thour label, SCARLET, for supporting us as the best!!!!!!!

2. And what's the biggest difference between your old record company and Scarlet - if I remember correct, then the split with Elevate Records wasn't pretty?

Titta - Wasn't pretty?? eh eh eh was a SHIT they paid at least 10.000 Euro for DREAMLAND, our album of 2001 and no promotion was done at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a stupid person, we were friends with one of them and he dissapears after their crack. I was a session singer back then and they paid me after 3 months ... SCARLET 10 - ELEVATE 0 .

3. To new listeners could you please tell the story about DGM?  

Titta - It is a 10 years story - the band began as a instrumental act. They got a singer and released two selfproduced demotapes. Then ELEVATE offered us a deal for "Wings Of Time" (Sold 4000 copies in Japan) a very powerful and 70's influencd album. Soon after I joined the band, as a singer, to get a more modern touch. "Dreamland" (2001) was a good album and it sold very well, maybe 5000. Then came the split with Elevate, and we signed with Scarlet. Our first album on Scarlet was "Hidden Place" (2003), our most progressive album, which received great feedback from the media, but might be a little bit difficult to "hear" We played live at the Gods of Metal in 2003 and was as opening act for Shaman...... the rest is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah ah ah.

4. I have always been wondering about your name, is there a meaning behind it or a story?  

Titta - Oh it's so easy - DGM are the initials of the three founding members: Diego (actual guitars), Gianfranco (ex-drummer) and Maurizio (ex-Keyboard) .

5. What are your expectations for the new album and your record company?

Titta - Sell one billion copies ah ah ah ah - the expectations are, for us, to spread our music, past and present, to the older fans and the newer to have the chance to present our songs live.

6. How has your new album been received by the media? 

Titta - Very, very good ... the rates are really impressive and the feedback from friends, fans and our label is very good. Some writers told us that the new cd is something's like a rebith!!!!! What did you think about it?? ah ah ah! (See my review here)

7. You describe yourselves as progressive metal and is often compared with bands like Symphony X and Dream Theater - how does that make you feel?

Titta - Mmmmm some writers told us this stuff, but to be honest, we would like to not compared to these bands, for us is an honour however, but maybe it could be dangerous for us 'cause ... mmm let me think ... it's like sometimes it's a bad thing for us ... could you imagine a buyer "ah they are compared to Symphony and Dream Theater - ok I wanna listen ... hey what is this?? Hard rock, power, prog, they are not like Dream Theater ... fuck off!!!" So we are DGM and we hope that our trade-mark is recognized!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Who or what inspires you when you write music and lyrics?

Titta - The real life, a lot of  personal feelings regarding the lyrics ... I wrote a lots for this album about my personal things ... my ex girlfriend, religion ... mmmmm what a mess!!!!!!! So the lyrics are easy to understand without hiding any messages and a little bit of romance!!!!!!!!!!

9. Who has produced the album and where have you recorded it?

Titta - We have producerd it ourselves. Wrote and recorded it in DGM's Music Random House in Ostia (sea-side of Rome) in 6 months. The mix took place, as usual, in the Giuseppe Orlando's Outer Sound Studio, he's a very good friend of ours.

10. Any plans for you to support the album live on tour?

Titta - Yeah ... we've done some gigs to promote our new cd, but is a little bit difficult to play here in Italy Too many troubles with organizes, but we have a lots of requests so ... we are ready to kicks some asses!!!!!

11. You have a very nice homepage and are surely aware of the importance of having one and the internet - do you run it yourselves and how important is it for an underground band to have a good and updated homepage?

Titta - Thank you very much, for me the image for a band is very important, people can understand many things from the way you present yourself, and with internet it is the same stuff. The site is really cool ... done by a very good web-society and it is all in flash ... maybe for the slower connections it's a bit hard to load, but now many people use the high-speed connections, so we choose to have a professional website. Btw I would like to invite all the people to visit our website at and join me at

12. When people talk of "The New Wave Of Italian Power Metal" most think of bands like Rhapsody, Labyrinth etc. - do you feel as a part of it?

Titta - I really don't know, I don't know how many people consider us part of the new wave of italian power metal. We consider us outsiders, because, 4 example, here in italy the big concerts are for only Vision Divine and Domine (consider this: the last Dream Theater tour here in Italy - Domine was the second opener for the Rome's concert - what the hell, an epic-power metal band at a prog concert, this means to have friends in the right places! I think that's why Lacuna Coil have concentrated on markets outside of Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. Is it easier to launch a new Italian band today, then it was when you guys started?

Titta - It was hard yesterday and is hard now ... maybe too many people have the possibilities to do an album without being able to play any instruments and so you can hear a lot of shit around!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw thanx to God - we are able to do both ah ah ah ah ah.

14. And how do you see the Italian metal scene at the moment?  

Titta - Is good, not marvellous, but good ... we have a lot of good bands as DGM (eh eh ), Novembre, Node, Necrodeath, Rhapsody, Lacuna Coil..... 
Rhapsody done a good work to make the italian metal a little bit know in whole world. For DGM this is our 4th album licensed in Japan by Marquee/Avalon, not an easy thing, man!!!!!!!!

15. I wonder, if you might make a all-time Top 5 to finish things off? 

Titta - Top 5 album?? I can give you my favourite ever:
1. Queen - Queen II (the entire discography!!!!!!!! ah ah )
2. Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory
3. Symphony X - The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, The Damnation Game
4. Death - Individual Thought Patterns, Human
5. Jorn Lande - Worldchanger

Thanx for doing this interview and the best of luck in the future!

Titta - Thanks to you and I hope to see you one day, man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx to Titta Tani for this funny interview, and do check out their latest album "Misplaced" out - it's worth it ...

DGM - Misplaced

Album on Scarlet Records.

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