Interview with vocalist Maelstrom, Devil's Whorehouse (October 22nd 2008)

Q: First and most importantly: When do we get the next full length?

Maelstrom - Summer of hate 2009.

Q: Some of the influences of Devil’s Whorehouse is rather obvious. I would like to find out if I missed anything, though, so could you please name your main influences?

Maelstrom - Danzig, Samhain, Misfits, Motörhead shit its not that hard to hear.

Q: Your music is a quite unique cocktail of genres and sounds. Do you like being the only ones that does it your way?

Maelstrom - We are the only ones who can do it "our way" I guess, but yes we have noticed that there is a lack of brutality in horror/dark rock out there. Darkness, horror and brutality does not only exist movies and comicsbook, it is real life and we want our musics ambience to deliver just that.

Q: I think “Pentagram Murderer” would be a great live song. Do you plan any touring in the near future (except for Mexico, that is)?

Maelstrom - We aim to be back on the road summer of 09 for some touring with all new material.

Q: I’ve seen (and heard) some very bad combinations of live bands recently – the funniest one being some very quiet folk rock band, warming up for Gorgoroth! If you could choose three bands to tour with, who would they be?

Maelstrom - It really doesnt matter, we do what we do and who goes on before or after has little meaning to us as long as people know how to behave and do not get in our way.

Interviewed by Martin Schjönning

Devil's Whorehouse - Werewolf

EP available on Regain Records.