Interview with Metallic Kitty, Decadence (October 6th 2008)

Power of - I am pretty sure most of our readers do not know your background, so could you start by telling us a bit about you and your musical background…

Decadence - Sure, Decadence was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in the year of 2003 and the members are: (me) Metallic Kitty (extreme vocals), Kenneth Lantz (1st guitar), Simon Galle (2nd guitar), Joakim Antman (bass) and Erik Röjås (drums). Since 2003 we have released three full-length albums and one demo and are currently in the studio recording our 4th full-length album. We play something that we call Melodic Thrash Metal which is like the bridge where Thrash and Melodic Death meet. This genre can be described as Thrash Metal with the heaviness of Melodic Death Metal, characterized by extreme female vocals and growl techniques as well as Thrash Metal screams. The combination of these effects along with the new touch of Thrash Metal gives a specific sound which is what defines Decadence and this is definitely one of the main things that has developed since 2003! 

Power of – The album has been out since August 22nd, what kind of expectations do you have for it?

Decadence - Even though we’ve actually made two full-length albums before ‘3rd Stage of Decay’, it still feels like it is our debut. It felt so even before we joined forces with Massacre Records who decided to re-release it now. I always felt that this album was special to us and that it would bring us something more than our previous works have. So, having it re-released now is definitely like a dream coming true for us and we are glad that it will get the real exposure we’ve always wanted it to have, and also to the whole band itself. So, those expectations we always had for the album is something we could say that it met. 

Power of – How has the response been so far?

Decadence – Reading all the reviews that started to come in flows with the re-release of this album was overwhelming. We got such positive scores, so many excited listeners and both new and old fans so I can say that we were all, and still are, thrilled.

Power of – What would you tell a total stranger, if he asks what kind of music you play?

Decadence - We have always been seen as a live band so if Decadence would be presented to someone new to us, a live show would definitely be the place to do it. Our songs have the basis of speed in them while covered by harmonies all over and added harshness by extreme female vocals. In the meanwhile they are technical and have the intensity of Thrash within them. That’s why we call our music Melodic Thrash Metal.

Power of - Who has produced and mixed the album? How does the final result compare to the idea you had going into the studio?

Decadence –Kenneth Lantz (1st guitar) in Decadence is our studio tech and he produces and mixes all our work. The sound turned out almost exactly the way we hoped. The mix and smaller details can always be improved and that’s what we strive for when working with new albums, but the sound itself on ‘3rd Stage of Decay’ is what we sought to have. 

Power of - Tell us a bit about artwork…

Decadence -All photos in the booklet, including the front cover, were originally taken by Motts, a talented photographer working for, but I have modified them to fit the theme of this album. The original photos can be seen if you visit our official website:, music section. The modified versions can only be seen in the booklet of "3rd Stage of Decay" and each photo has a connection to the lyrics of the song on that particular page. The album title has in indirect connection to the fact that it is the 3rd line-up of Decadence which finally brought us together as a band. Also, when you glance through the lyrics of the album you will see connections to the title and other hidden meanings everywhere. 

Power of - Decadence – any special story behind your name?

Decadence – The name Decadence evolved from the name of another band that was in the plans to start up, with myself on vocals. That band’s name was Dekapitera so when I decided I would join forces with the other nameless band instead; I brought it the name Decadence. I also think this name fits our music and lyrics that are connected to us.

Power of - What’s the ambition for the band on a longer term?

Decadence -Our nearest plan is to release our 4th full-length album and after that to head out on the road again!

Power of - What are the best and worst trends in metal today?

Decadence – I like the fact that Thrash Metal is slowly but steadily reviving and to mention something negative I could say that one of the worse trends is commercializing raw Metal and making it more mainstream.

Power of – You are told that you are going to take part in an experiment where you have to live seclude for a month, and are allowed to take either 5 books or 5 albums with you. What do you choose and what would you have taken along with you and why?

Decadence - Oh no, not that question! It’s always as hard to answer but I’ll try it again (even though the answer might vary each time!). I would choose five albums instead of five books that are for sure anyway! The five albums in no particular order would be, Metallica – “...And Justice For All”, Death – “Symbolic”, Kreator – “Enemy of God”, Megadeth – “Rust in Peace” and the final right now would be Volbeat – “The Strength The Sound The Songs”. That way I’d get a good dose of Thrash Metal, the best of Death Metal and some Rockabilly Metal for relaxation!

Power of - Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers?

Decadence - Thank you and the readers for sharing this interview with me and I can end it by saying something that I say quite often to myself: if there’s a will, there’s a way – horns up high!

Interviewed by Kenn Jensen.

Decadence - 3rd Stage of Decay

Album available on Massacre Records.