Five Quick Ones to the Dutch metal band Chiraw


1. Tell us about your latest opus, ‘Dark Frequencies’. Are you satisfied with it? Has it been received well?


Chiraw: Hell yeah, we are satisfied!! Of course there is room for improvement everywhere, but this is our first serious album, seriously recorded, mixed and so on, so yes, we’re happy with it.

And more amazing is it that we get a lot of positive reactions from all over, so other people seem to like it too. Also from various countries it is well received and are we getting some attention as from you. For us that’s just unbelievable, so thanx!

2. How would you describe your sound to someone, who has no idea about CHIRAW yet?


Chiraw: CHIRAW is about raw energy! We play metal, don’t ask what style. It’s got heavy stuff to bang your head, throw yourself into a pit and it’s got its melodic parts. From shouts and screams to melodic singing and from slow to fast blastbeats and everything in between. We just mix all the stuff we like and try not to think about trends or what other people think or like.

3. What are your plans, now that 'Dark Frequencies' is out?


Chiraw: Just get our name out there and maybe sell some of those lovely shiny things.

Maybe this could open doors for us, so we can do more gigs and festivals in Europe or maybe even in the U.S.


4. Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you usually write a song?


Chiraw: We are with 5 guys, so they all bring their ideas and inspiration. That of course comes from all the stuff we’ve ever listened to.

Often we start to make the foundation with drum, bass and guitars. Someone has got an idea and together we go to work with it. When we’ve got something the singer throws in his vocals and the keyman will join the party. Then we fight for an hour, a day or for weeks until everybody is happy with the result! We’re already writing new songs. Next spring we will get in the studio and record the second album.

We just like to work hard, hahaha.


5. The world would have been a wretched place without these five albums:


Chiraw: Oooh, difficult one…… I’m gonna do this on my own now, so I hope the rest of the band will forgive me.
1. Van Halen - 1984

2. Meshuggah – Destroy Erase and Improve

3. Tool – (everything)

4. Machine Head – Burn my eyes

5. Textures - Silhouettes



The Power Of Metal, December 16th, 2008


Interviewed by Peter Laursen

Chiraw - Dark Frequencies

Album available on Rusty Cage Records