Interview with Martin Haglund, Astral Doors (January 25, 2005)

First off I want to congratulate you on your new album ”Evil Is Forever”
Martin - Spank you very much !

Where do you see the biggest different between this one and your first “Of The Son And The Father”?
Martin -
I think it's more dynamic and Patrik show more what he is able to do with his voice. The spectra between the hard and soft parts in the music is wider also.

What are your own expectations with your second album?
Martin -
To reach out to more metal fans all around the world and make them aware of our existence. People needs our music even if they dont know it yet ha ha. And we are hoping for a trip to Japan.

Once more you have used the services of Peter Tägtgren to mix the album, that must be because you were pleased with his work the first time – so you didn’t consider anyone else for the job?
Martin -
Not really, there are never any problems when working with Peter. Everything runs smooth and he has a good sense of what sounds good or bad.

Who has produced this time around, and where have you recorded it?
Martin -
I guess we all produced it in some way, but the main producing were made by me, Jocke N, Johan and Patrik. Thae album is recordet at my studio and Joachim's studio and at Peter's Abyss.

I had the pleasure of watching you guys live at Wacken last year (cool gig in a very hot tent) – what were your feelings about that concert, and how did you feel about the festival in general?
Martin - The festival and the weather was great. The gig went very well and it was nice to see so many people from all over the world, that came to watch the show.

Any future plans for touring with the new album? Will you be doing some festivals again this year?
Martin - We will hit th road along with Grave Digger and Stormhammer in February, it's gonna be a ball. Our management is working on the festival part.

What lessons have the last couple of years thought you as a band/person?
Martin - Well, it's a long road from the first written note to a finished album. But when you finally there, then it feels really great.

Any famous last words?
Martin - Evil is forever you know...

Two thumbs up from me for their second album, and do check them out, if their should play anywhere near you ...

Astral Doors - Evil Is Forever

Album on Lokomotive Music.

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