Interview with Tom Wahl, Anti-Depressive Delivery (October 21, 2004)

1. Hi, first off I just want to congratulate you on your new album. To new fans could your please fill us in on the history behind it all?

Tom - We formed late 2002. We’re just a bunch of friends that wanted to play together. In May 2003 we recorded our first demo, and we got in contact with Laser’s Edge. A month later we recorded our second demo, that led us to a deal. In February 2004, we recorded “Feel. Melt. Release. Escape.”  And here we are.

2. How has your new album been received by the media?

Tom - Very well, actually. The ones, who are into progressive rock are very positiv, and those are the ones we made the album for. Some german reviewers didn’t like it, but who cares. We’re not into unicorns and dwarfes, so they have to find someone else to listen to. The biggest hardrock magazine in Norway (and Scandinavia?) gave us 5 out of 6 and we were pleased with that. A few days ago, I read a review, that claimed it was the best progressive music they’ve heard this year and gave it 6/6 points.

But we know our kind of music isn’t for everyone.

3. I know artists are not happy to categorize their music, but how would you describe your music to an outsider?

Tom - Hard rock influenced by metal and 70’s progressive rock.

4. Where does your inspiration come from, both musically and lyrically?

Tom - We are listening to a lot of different types of music within the band, I guess, that has got something to do with our sound. Everyone is also very open to new ideas, and we don't want our sound to be limited to one type of genre. The philosophy is that we’re playing to have fun, and we want to play music we like ourselves, and that challenge us. We’re are huge fans of music from the 70’s like Genesis, Yes, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Camel, old Judas Priest but also “new” bands like Anekdoten, Änglagård, Landberk, Ved Buens Ende, Virus & Mars Volta.

5. What topics do you deal with in your lyrics and why?

Tom - We write about different kinds of people. “Coward”, “0” and “Voyage Of No-Brain Discovery” deals with types of humans we don’t like. Songs like “Path Of Sorrow” and “Penny Is A Slut Machine” are about people who struggles in life. “Bones & Money” is about human greed.

6. Who has produced and mixed the album, and are you pleased with the end result?

Tom - We did most of it ourselves in Skansen Lydstudio. It’s the local studio, and the owner is our friend. The engineer was Sten “Evil” Bratland, who also is the owner. No one produced the album, and we mixed it ourselves. It was mastered by Alen Douches. We could use the studio 24/7, that gave us the possibillity to record guitars, bass and drums at daytime, while vocals and keyboard was recorded at night.

So far we’re pleased with the end result, only you guys at has complained about the sound so far. I guess next time we will record in Skansen, but try to mix somewhere else to get even better sound. 

7. Who has done the artwork? And how important do you feel it is to have a great cover?

Tom - Artwork is important. If the package isn’t great, it’s harder to tempt people to listen to your band. Travis Smith did the artwork after a request by me, since he is one of my favourite artist when it comes do doing artwork for bands. He’s been working for Death, Nevermore, King Diamond, Iced Earth. He did a great work, and if we get the chance, we will work with him again.

8. Do you have any touring plans?

Tom - No tours, but we’re planning a few gigs right now.

9. How do you feel about the co-operation with your label, and are you satisfied?

Tom - So far it’s been good. Can’t really complain about anything. We’ve got what we’ve asked for. We’re still a small band, so I guess we have to be realistic about things. Hopefully, the label will be interested to release the next album too.

10. The internet is a very important source for many music fans, how do you use the internet and how important is it for you and other bands?

Tom - I’m working several hours a day to promote my band. Doing interviews, chatting with people and posting on forums. We’ve just re-worked our homepage too; You’re welcome to have a look.

11. How do you see the progressive rock/progressive metal scene at the moment?

Tom - I am not that into the new scene, as I’m mostly into the 70’s music. When it comes to prog-metal, no one in the band are fans of that genre. No Dream Theatre copycats here. Anyway, it seems that the norwegian scene is better now with White Willow, Wobbler, Circles End and us. The only new bands I’m listening to are Anekdoten (the best band in the world), Mars Volta and Paatos.

12. To finish things off - could you pls. make a all-time Top 5 or sort of the 5 most important albums in your opinion?

Tom - Just 5 is very difficult but here are some favourites:

  • Änglagård - Hybris

  • Anekdoten - Gravity

  • Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny

  • Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

  • Genesis - Selling England By The Pound

On our homepage you’ll find more favourites by the band…..

Another very intriguing progressive metal band from Norway - must be something with the weather there, do give their debut album a chance ...

Anti-Depressive Delivery - Feel Melt Release Escape

Album on The Laser's Edge.

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