Five Quick Ones to Milad from Iranian thrash metal band Ahoora


1. Tell us about your latest opus, ‘All in Blood With You’. Are you satisfied with it? Has it been received well?


Milad: Yes I could say I'm satisfied with the experience. Maybe there are certain things that will be handled differently in the future but honestly and personally I'm proud of the album. And fortunately it's been received quiet good. I mean there have been some real encouraging comments about the album.

2. Where do you see the main difference between 'All In Blood With You' and your earlier releases?


Milad: I guess it had departed further off the primary roots that we're influenced by. It's closer to what we are and at least we were at the time. Naturally it satisfies more if it gets more original.


3. What would you do, if you weren't able to compose music?


Milad: I really don't know. Few months ago I was thinking about it myself but couldn't find an answer! I love cinema but I can't say what I could do.


4. What tasks presently lie ahead for Ahoora?


Milad: I'm concentrating on writing the third album for Ahoora and meanwhile we'd be working on our main task which is immigration. We'd like to take our chances in a free land.


5. The world would have been a wretched place without these five albums:


Milad: You know It IS impossible to answer this question. But to name just one of my various top fives: Wish you were Here, Paranoid, Night of the Stormrider, Absolution, Sound of Perseverance.


The Power Of Metal, December 8th, 2008


Interviewed by Peter Laursen

Ahoora - All In Blood With You